Orlando CVB Special Event: AirTran Say YES to Orlando Airplane Unveiling

Whether its a successful PR campaign or special event, have you ever wondered, “how did they do that?”  The Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. (Orlando CVB) special event, “AirTran Say YES to Orlando Airplane” Unveiling recently won a Silver Cushman Award and the folks at Orlando CVB were kind enough to share their submission with us.  Below you’ll find the event details and learn more about just how they did pull off this successful event.  Perhaps it might spark an idea for your company/client too.

Best Special Event – Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc. “AirTran Say YES to Orlando Airplane” Unveiling

Objective: In early 2008, the Orlando CVB launched a new marketing campaign “Say YES to Orlando” aimed at increasing awareness of the Orlando brand and to drive visitation to the destination. The goal of the AirTran “Say YES to Orlando” airplane was to increase awareness in the media of the marketing program and to solidify our relationship with Orlando’s home based air carrier AirTran Airways.

Need: Increase awareness and reach of the Orlando brand through an event and partnership that would create visual and media awareness of the “Say YES to Orlando” marketing program. Increase participation with AirTran Airways as a corporate partner.

Execution: The Orlando CVB contacted Orlando based AirTran Airways about the possibility of producing a “Say YES to Orlando” airplane. AirTran had recently promoted Danica Patrick’s first (Indy Racing League (IRL) win with a plane that included a graphic congratulating Patrick on her first IRL win. The design of the aircraft would include the “Say YES to Orlando” logo and a marketing aspect (reduced airfares) would be included to entice travelers to visit Orlando.

After an agreement was reached with AirTran to add the design to the aircraft and provide a reduced ticket to Orlando from specific destinations, the Orlando CVB publicity team worked with AirTran to video tape the application through time lapse photography. An event was developed at an AirTran hangar. To increase possible media pickup, Orlando based entertainment by Cirque Du Soleil was invited to participate in the event and photo opportunity. A photo shoot with Cirque Du Soleil and the “Say YES to Orlando” airplane was arranged. The photos were used along with the press release announcing the partnership.

The media were invited to the AirTran hangar in Orlando for an unveiling of the airplane which included the Cirque Du Soleil entertainers, the Mayors of Orlando and Orange County, and a representative from AirTran. The event included local news organizations from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, as well as the Orlando Sentinel, Associated Press, CBS Radio and other local media outlets. The airplane was unveiled by Cirque Du Soleil and then taxied out to its Orlando International Airport gate through a water canon salute.

Video b-roll and interviews along with photos of the event were sent to domestic, international and trade media throughout United States. A video was created and uploaded to the Orlando CVB’s Web site as well as youtube.com.

Results: The “Say YES to Orlando” AirTran Airplane event results included 170 clips with a total ad value of more than $4.13 million and circulation totaled 429,719,437 in media such as the Wall Street Journal.com, Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel, Reuters, Business Journal’s and numerous other Florida papers, television and radio as well as southeastern publications.

The “Say YES to Orlando” AirTran video has been viewed more than 2000 times on youtube.com and was linked to several trade sites and blogs.

Budget: The total budget for the event was $5,000. As part of the agreement, AirTran paid for the application of the logo. There was no cost to the Orlando CVB for the plane and application.

Conclusion: The event and promotion were well received by the media and our partner AirTran. Because of the success of the event and promotion, AirTran and the Orlando CVB are working on another promotion and event. With very little investment of marketing and public relations funds the events outcome and media exposure provided us with a great rate of return – far better than we anticipated. We will continue to look for partnerships and interesting events like this to share the Orlando brand.

** Special thanks to the Orlando CVB for sharing their award submission with FPRA-OAC.

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