SPONSORED POST: Bright House Networks Salutes the 2010 FPRA Orlando Chapter Image Award Winners

This post is a sponsored post from Bright House Networks.

It was a star-studded night at the Orlando Museum of Art on Thursday, April 22, but those being honored at the museum were not traditional artists with paintings or other works of art on display in the gallery. Instead, it was the art of communications that was celebrated—and elevated—through the 2010 FPRA Orlando Chapter Image Awards. The awards that were presented to the winners were based on public relations and public affairs achievements made possible by the same kind of discipline, determination and talent that drives artists to create something that moves and challenges people to think, and to act. With the Image Awards, success is measured from the perspective of the intended audience, much the same way a great work of art aims to move those who view it. Congratulations to all those who received awards—you have achieved greatness in two ways: First, through the success of the project itself, and second, by setting an example or showing a way so other PR professionals can do the same.

As the platinum sponsor, Bright House Networks was able to bring a special resource into play to enhance the evening’s experience. The company’s Business Solutions Department set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in the museum to allow attendees to do what PR professionals do best—stay in touch constantly through the Internet by using all the best of the new media. There was a whole lot of tweeting going on during the event, and awards were being Facebooked and shared in many other electronic ways during the evening. By the time the ceremony was over, those who received awards and recognition had already shared the glory with colleagues, family and friends.  At Bright House Networks we’re already looking forward to the 2011 FPRA Image Awards, knowing that the Orlando Chapter is not just the largest in the state, it’s also one of the most vibrant when it comes to creativity and talent.

Brian Craven, Director-Public Affairs & Communications, Bright House Networks Central Florida Division
FPRA Orlando Chapter and Awards Committee member

The preceding was a sponsored post.

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