My perspective on FPRA as a Quotes student member

By: Nathalie Almonte
What is PR? As stated proudly on Quotes t-shirt…“Public Relations is at the core of every cooperation, entity & individual. It is the voice of reason in the minds of corporation executives. It is Superman’s Clark Kent and Batman’s Bruce Wayne. We brainstorm, think creatively & work long hours to make the world a more engaged place. We prefer the dialogue over monologue, transparency over secret, & truth over deception. We are the people that talk the talk for those that walk the walk. We are counselors, advisors, writers, creators, event planners–let us just say we are good at multitasking. PR is strategy leadership at its greatest. We are Public relations. The PR club at UCF established in 1981.” And as a member of Quotes, the PR Club at UCF, we wear this motto proudly!

My name is Nathalie Almonte and I am the Quotes 2011-2012 Outreach Coordinator. It is my second year as a member and my first year on the board. Joining Quotes was the best decision I have ever made along with becoming a Knight, now you might ask why. Well, let’s just say always be ready for the unexpected. As an Interdisciplinary major I was lost and didn’t know how I was going to succeed in the world of PR let alone learn about PR. When I heard that there was a PR club on campus, I jumped right on it and reached out to Ryan Sheehy. Ryan is not only our faculty advisor for Quotes but a true inspiration; it was because of her words and motivation that I never gave up on my goals. Quotes really changed everything for me and gave me the opportunity to do what I had dreamed of doing since 10th grade. I was able to attend FPRA breakfast meetings, connect with local PR professionals, and get the dish on what really goes on in the day of a PR professional.

Since I don’t have any PR classes being part of Quotes and having the access to the FPRA members gives me the opportunity to ask questions and learn things first hand. I participated in the ShadowAPro program created by FPRA. This gave me the opportunity to shadow Jamie Floer APR, Wragg & Casas. It was a fun day of learning how a day as a PR professional is usually never on a set schedule. You must always be prepared for the unexpected. This year as a Quotes board member, I am able to bring forth my ideas and share my reasons of joining Quotes with the new members. As a board we have a year of fun activities and opportunities to build up portfolios. We help each other while helping the members in everything we do. It is our duty to motivate and educate the team on what the do’s and don’ts are of the PR world. This year we are holding our yearly event, Intern Pursuit. It is an event where all the local companies seeking PR, communications, and advertising interns offer the students of UCF that opportunity. We also have plans to participate in local events as well as creating some mixers and socials, creating chances for the members to become familiarized with the Pros.

All efforts hopefully will ease the fear of the unknown PR world for me and the other students. We want to create an environment for the members to seek guidance through FPRA and never be hesitant to ask a question. See you at the next FPRA breakfast.

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