FPRA Board Member Profile: Ryan Sheehy

Title: Advertising & Public Relations Instructor, UCF Nicholson School of Communication

Years in FPRA: Member of FPRA for eight years, on and off.

Favorite FPRA Event: When Ryan worked heavily in media relations, she enjoyed the Media Roundtable and benefitted greatly from the annual event. Now that she works in academia, she looks forward to Intern Pursuit because so many of her former students are now professionals. As the adviser of Quotes, it gives her great joy to see FPRA student members coordinate such a large-scale event, which helps launch so many students’ careers. 

Favorite Benefit of FPRA Membership: The greatest value of FPRA to Ryan is staying connected to so many of her friends in the field and keeping her finger on the pulse of the industry.

Explanation of Ryan’s job: Ryan Sheehy, APR is a dynamic marketing communication professional with more than a decade of experience. With a diverse career path in both academia and entertainment, her expertise lies in strategic planning, media relations, writing and social media.

Within the Nicholson School of Communication, Ryan teaches Ad/PR Campaigns, Public Relations, PR Case Studies, Visual Communication and Writing for PR. Next fall she will introduce a brand-new course – Social Media as Mass Communication. The course will provide an overview of social media and its role in mass communication and contemporary society. It will introduce students to core principles and best practices. Social Media as Mass Communication will be the first course of its kind and will be a requirement for all UCF Ad/PR majors.

Exciting Achievement: Traveling abroad is one of Ryan’s great passions. Just last month, she announced a new endeavor called PRO Summit Abroad. In partnership with the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Ryan developed a brand-new program to introduce professionals to strategic communication planning for international business. The 2-week Dublin-based seminar will cover the international perspective of journalism, brand strategy, public relations and social media. It will equip professionals with a toolkit of tips on how to analyze and connect with diverse audiences, develop communication strategies and execute creative tactics that resonate with individuals around the world.

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Ryan Sheeh, APR

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