Member Profile: Denise Ward

Business Title/Company: Public Information Officer, Seminole County Department of Health

Years in FPRA: 1 year

Favorite FPRA Event: Chapter Breakfast: Bungo Box. I enjoyed learning how their company handled marketing and thought their strategies could definitely fit some of my needs/limitations.  I remember thinking “I can use that!”.

Favorite Benefit of FPRA Membership: The opportunity to learn from other members.  In government, I am limited with training opportunities for my field and the FPRA breakfast events allow me to learn and apply relevant information to my role at the Seminole County Health Department. It helps me to focus my ideas.

Explanation of your job: I wear several hats but as Public Information Officer, I am responsible for representing the Seminole County Health Department in the media.  This can include reactively supplying information or sound bites to media outlets or proactively distributing press releases on important public health information to the community.  As part of that responsibilities, I work in the Seminole County Emergency Operations Center during times of disaster, hurricanes, forest fires, crashed planes, etc.  Additionally, I handle all marketing of the Seminole County Health Department. For example, I worked with firms to rebrand our website.  Once everything was completed, I now have the ability to edit all our marketing pieces to fit our ever changing needs.  And finally, I manage two health education programs that are funded by state grants.

Exciting Achievement: H1N1 media! On my first day back from maternity leave, I was part of a team that closed the first school in Florida due to a case of H1N1.  Through the entire epidemic, I managed media relations concerning the first death due to H1N1, the first to receive vaccine and the first to offer clinics to the public in Florida.

Contact info: Denise Ward,, 407.963.4629

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