Member Profile: Elizabeth Baranik

Years in FPRA:  4 years; Currently serving on FPRA Board as Vice President of Professional Development, a shared roll with Laura Cole

Favorite FPRA Event:  The Professional Development event held this past Fall at Rollins College. We had fantastic speakers on engaging topics surrounding the event theme, “The Evolving Landscape of PR.”

Favorite Benefit of FPRA Membership:  The connections made between the FPRA industry network – not only have I found mentors in the PR industry, but peers that I can work with between our organizations.  It’s been an invaluable experience so far, and I know it will continue.

Explanation of your job:  I am the Marketing Manager of Group & Travel Markets for Hard Rock International.  I act as the industry-related marketing, media, and public relations liaison, with writing and creating editorial for industry associations and digital & print media for market segments;  in addition to capturing opportunities within these markets at press conferences and media events.   I have many other roles but my goals are in line to drive top line cafe and retail sales while heightening overall brand awareness.

Exciting Achievement: Being asked to join the FPRA Orlando Chapter Board in 2011 as the Professional Development Chair!

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