Member Profile: Amanda Forbes Mestdagh, APR

Check out the inside scoop on your current FPRA-OAC President.

Name: Amanda Forbes Mestdagh, APR

Years in FPRA: 8 years

Favorite FPRA Event: “On our chapter level, I’d have to say Media Roundtable. It’s such a unique opportunity where the roles are reversed and you have the opportunity to ask reporters the questions for a change. It’s an energizing setting in that everyone, practitioners and journalists alike, are there to help each other and take the steps necessary to educate and ensure our profession shines. On the state level, I’d have to say the Reception of the Presidents / Champagne toast at annual conference. It’s a great networking opportunity and there’s such contagious camaraderie.”

Favorite Benefit of FPRA: “Networking with professionals from throughout our region and across the state. Can’t get much better than that.”

Explain my job: “Ha! The age ol’ question. I work for Fry Hammond Barr as a Senior Account Executive in the Public Relations Department. I report directly to the VP of Public Relations and Social Influence. In this role, I am tasked with managing accounts and leading a team in various service offerings from media relations to social media and just about every discipline in between. Working in an agency setting also offers great synergy and allows me to interact and collaborate with other departments like Interactive, Broadcast Production and traditional Advertising. I also run our Internship Program and serve as Mayor of our neighborhood Starbucks.”

Exciting Achievement: “You mean besides becoming President of the Orlando Area Chapter? I’d have to say personally it was my recent wedding. That one will go down in the history books for sure.”

Final Thoughts: “For the past year it has been an honor to serve as your president. I am filled with gratitude – to the Orlando Area Chapter Board of Directors, whose dedication and commitment to the organization is infectious and without whom tough decisions, and spectacular events would not have come to fruition; to my husband Alex, who supported me with no hesitation; to my parents whose examples have provided me with strength and conviction; to my employer, who allowed me to spend countless hours of time during the work day on FPRA business. And above all, to the members of the Orlando Area Chapter for the trust, confidence and support you have given me. Thank you all. It has been a privilege.”

Contact info:

P 407.849.0100 x239

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