Quotes students strike gold at Annual Conference

By Kacie Boniberger

Students from the University of Central Florida’s Quotes Chapter attended the 10th annual FPRA Student Conference on August 7. Nathalie Almonte, Kacie Boniberger, Katarina Dos Santos, Angela Fonseca, Ivan Hernandez, and Devin Shoemaker gained professional insight during the conference.

Networking emerged as the most valuable tool for students throughout the conference, as they were quickly humbled by the prestige of professionals in attendance. An unexpected chat with Oscar Suris, leader of the opening discussion on Closing the Perception Gap, at Starbucks proved the value of networking and served as a highlight of the day. “We were fortunate to be able to mingle with professionals on a level playing field,” explained Devin Shoemaker, Quotes Director of Communications.

After kicking off the day with breakout sessions – led by Joe Hice, APR, CPRC, Susan Ennis, APR, CPRC, Steve Smith and Mickey G. Nall, APR, Fellow PRSA – these young professionals moved into more intimate sessions with Hice and Steve Momorella. Sitting with industry gurus and entertaining relevant topics, such as Launching Your Big Career In PR and The Incredible Online Newsroom, lead to increased engagement and a conversational feel. Quotes members left the conference already in anticipation of next year’s events, and a desire to share their new-found knowledge and refreshed passion for public relations to student peers.

“Overall, the conference served as a valuable transitional tool for young professionals looking to break into the field. We are enthusiastic about incorporating what we learned today into general meetings, and hope to increase student attendance next year,” summarized Almonte, Quotes President.

For more information about the annual conference, please visit the FPRA.

Quotes student chapter members meet professional Steve Smith.

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