Member PRofile: Meghan Yost

Title & Company:

Communications Specialist, Seminole State College of Florida

Why did you choose FPRA?

“I’ve been attending FPRA events for the past six months, but became an official member about two months ago. I just recently 
switched jobs, moving out of the television news industry and into the public relations field. Joining an association like FPRA is helping me make that transition as well as become more connected to the PR community and foster my skills.”

Favorite FPRA event:

“So far, my favorite FPRA event has been the Professional Development Workshop at Rollins College. I attended the Marni Jameson’s (Orlando Sentinel) breakout session on pitching to the media and Rachelle Lucas’s session on working with bloggers and social media. Both women were engaging speakers who offered great insight into their respective fields.”

Explanation of your job:

“As a communications specialist at Seminole State, I assist with the overall marketing and media relations efforts of the college. I write press releases to pitch to news outlets, as well as articles featured in the school’s online newsroom. Since coming on board, I’ve created the school’s YouTube channels and Pinterest page. I also maintain the college’s existing social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. In addition, I’ve been involved in the production of videos for college-wide events and student informational pieces. I also update the television shows aired throughout all four campuses.”

Exciting Achievement:

“I’ve been fortunate to have had several exciting achievements throughout my career. As a producer at FOX 35 News, I sat in the front row of the courtroom for the Casey Anthony trial, and interviewed Governor Rick Scott about the Trayvon Martin incident. Also, as a reporter for Ivanhoe Broadcast News, I traveled to Spain to interview international medical and science experts.”

Background & Insight:

“I’m originally from a small town in Connecticut with strong ties to my hometown. It’s the same town my parents grew up in and that just about my entire family lives in. Five years ago, I took a chance by moving to Orlando for an internship. That internship turned into a career. I would tell young college students that if they’re presented with an opportunity that may or may not be outside their comfort zone, to take a chance on it. You never know where it will lead you.”

Contact info:

Fun fact:

“In the past, I worked in Walt Disney World’s entertainment department, helping to bring Mickey and Minnie Mouse to life!”

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