Chapter Rewind: Backstage Pass Event at Nemours Children’s Hospital

Twenty members of the Orlando Area Chapter participated in a backstage pass event on Friday, January 25 at Nemours Children’s Hospital. The program kicked off with presentations, led Nemours executive staff, highlighting the details of the organization’s successful grand opening (this past October). During the opening week, Nemours completed seven events in five days to reach various target audiences which equated to a sum of 10,000 people receiving first-hand engagement. These events allowed the Nemours public relations team to emphasize their primary message: Nemours Children’s Hospital was built by families, for families. Karen Kent, Director of Marketing Communications, and Josh Wilson, Manager of Public and Community Relations, outlined how this ‘family’ initiative was accomplished under the direction of a family advisory council that participated in many aspects of the building process, such as facility design and the hiring of physicians.

Following the presentation, Orlando Area Chapter members enjoyed a facility tour. This included visualization of rooms with patient-controlled lighting. Among the many choices families have at Nemours, children are encouraged to select the light color of their room, a simple yet empowering experience for the young patients. FPRA was the first PR group to receive a detailed recap of the hospital’s grand opening strategies.

View event photos.

Nemours Grand Opening

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