Call for Nominations: PR Professional of the Year

As is tradition within the FPRA-Orlando Area Chapter family, we mark the beginning of each year by accepting nominations for the Public Relations Professional of the Year Award for Career Excellence.

This award is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the Orlando Area Chapter of FPRA and will be presented to the 2013 winner at the annual Image Awards banquet on April 11.

We strongly encourage you to nominate a local public relations professional that demonstrates:

Experience and leadership in the public relations profession;

Contributions made back to the profession;

Contributions made to the community and charitable organizations; and

Lifetime achievement, service and awards.

Please send a summary, 500 words or less, explaining why you feel your nominee should receive the award. If available, please also send your nominee’s current resume.

Submit your nomination by Friday, March 1 to Amanda Forbes Mestdagh, APR, Immediate Past President, at Please be sure to include your name and phone number.

The winner will be selected by the previous Public Relations Professional of the Year Award recipients.  These practitioners have previously won the award:

2012 – Sara Brady

2011 – Sheridan Becht, APR, CPRC

2010 – Chris Gent, APR, CPRC

2009 — Maureen Brockman

2008 — Susan Howard, APR

2007 — Danielle Saba Courtenay, APR

2006 — Jane Hames

2005 — Jim DeSimone

2004 – Ann Marie Varga, APR

2003 — Susan Blexrud

2002 — Carol Brinati

2001 — Bette Jore, APR, ABC

2000 — Bill Warren, APR, CPRC

1999 — Nickie Sarner

1998 — Ron Pecora

1997 — Jan Donlan

1996 — Frank Stansberry, APR

1995 — Randy Berridge

1994 — John Rutherford

1993 — Carolyn Fennell

1992 — Todd Persons

1991 — Linda Costa, APR

1990 — Kay Bartholomew

1989 — Frank Hutsell and Karen Plunkett, APR

1988 — Bob Davis, APR, CPRC

1987 — Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC

1986 — Truman “Duffy” Meyers

1985 — Holly Bennett Thatcher

1984 — Joe Curley, APR, CPRC

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