Member PRofile: Skye Guthrie

Title & Company: Communications Specialist at Nielsen

Why are you involved with FPRA?: “I joined FPRA two years ago to connect with local PR and communications practitioners. I work from home and my colleagues are spread across the state, so I was really interested in spending face time with like-minded professionals.”

Memorable FPRA Event?: “My favorite recent event was the backstage pass tour of Nemours Children’s Hospital. I loved that we Guthriegot the inside scoop on how the hospital works, what makes it so special, and how their communications team executed an amazingly successful series of launch events.”

Explanation of your job?: “I manage a wide range of communications projects for Nielsen’s Chief Operating Officer. Most of my work involves breaking down highly technical concepts to tell compelling stories about how Nielsen produces the best insights about consumers across the world. I’m responsible for projects in employee engagement, client communications, investor relations, public relations and thought leadership, spanning print, presentation, video and web media. My job is anything but monotonous – I love the constant opportunity to learn and challenge myself!”

Exciting Achievement: “I’ve really enjoyed being able to travel as part of my job. Since I work outside of the office, I regularly head to New York, Chicago or Washington, D.C. for meetings. Beyond my regular travel, I had the opportunity in 2011 to fly to India to support a large conference we held for our clients in that part of the world. I was able to make time for a visit to the Taj Mahal, which was more breathtaking than pictures could ever capture.”

Why Orlando?: “I’m originally from the Ft. Lauderdale area, but have lived in Orlando since 2004, when I moved here for college. I graduated from UCF with a BS in business administration, and from Rollins College with an MBA. Go Knights and Tars!”

Contact info: Email and LinkedIn

Interesting fact: “Until my second year of college, I thought I’d end up becoming a teacher, like nearly everyone else in my family. Even though I pursued a different professional path, I’m passionate about education as one of the most worthy and impactful causes for support in our country. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Winter Park Day Nursery, a local nonprofit preschool dedicated to providing affordable high quality education for the working families of Central Florida. It’s incredibly rewarding!

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