Stars of PR Get Deserved Recognition at 2013 FPRA OAC Image Awards

By Brian Craven, Director-Public Affairs & Communications, Bright House Networks and FPRA OAC Board Member

There’s an inherent irony in the “Stars of PR” theme for the 2013 FPRA Orlando Area Chapter Image Awards held at Loft 55 on April 11, 2013. Public Relations professionals are usually too busy working hard at making their clients look like stars to be in the limelight themselves. The best communicators most often operate unseen as they craft core messages, suggest appropriate themes and settings for announcements, and facilitate effective communications outreach through traditional and Social Media. Success is measured in Tweets, column inches, Facebook posts, TV and radio mentions, which don’t really seem very glamorous as PR professionals scramble to bring them all into play. But that’s exactly what makes the 2013 “Stars of PR” Image Awards theme so appropriate. It’s time to appreciate the “star power” of our fellow PR professionals for what it is—a true ability to make others look good and get their messages across, all while working in the background. That’s more than just being a best supporting actor—it’s like being the scriptwriter, producer, director, and promoter, all rolled into one! As the 2013 Image Awards Sponsor, Bright House Networks is proud to help shine the spotlight on the unsung heroes of PR who daily bring us the snap, crackle and pop of modern life on screens large and small. Congratulations to all the winners—you deserve your moment of fame!



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