Member PRofile: Vianka McConville


Title & company:
Communications Specialist, Curley & Pynn

Explanation of your job:
While working in an agency, no two days are alike. I get to speak about economic development for the Florida High Tech Corridor Council one hour and pitch Father’s Day activities in Daytona Beach the next. I manage social media, code eNewsletters, draft news releases, conduct research, write editorial-style articles, support grand openings, update websites and more for various clients.

Years in FPRA & why you joined:
I have been with FPRA for two years. I joined to meet people in the industry and learn from many great minds in one place.

Position on the FPRA board:
Vice President of Image Awards

Favorite FPRA event:
I really enjoyed the media round table this year. The journalists provided a lot of information and we certainly didn’t skimp on the food!

Exciting achievement (personal or professional):
I won’t call it luck, but I have had a number of pitches turn into stories recently. I feel that I have graduated from dreading the follow-up call to a reporter and now welcome it. It is always exciting to have a story placed for your client and I’m glad to see my media relations skills strengthen.

Fun fact:
I visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala, and climbed one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in the world.

Contact info:
I can be reached at or 407-423-8006.

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