Member PRofile: Laura Kern, APR

Laura Kern


What is your title and company name?
Communications Brand Consultant
Agency name to be announced in April

Give a brief explanation of your job.
My team and I manage a brand’s online presence, including strategies surrounding engagement through various social media platforms, blogs and website content. Our involvement in various industries, both B2B and consumer, and our passion for online networking combine to guide our development of brand messaging to engage their audience in conversation and ultimately conversion. The majority of our clients are local tech brands, from start-ups to established innovators, as well as economic development-related organizations.

How many years have you been a part of FPRA? Why did you join?
I joined Quotes as an Ad/PR student at UCF because I knew early on that networking and internships would be key ingredients to my success as a PR practitioner, thanks to my professors Dr. Bob Davis and Frank Stansberry. After graduation, I immediately joined FPRA and the Orlando board to continue my professional development and network with peers. Outside my 2.5 years in California, I’ve been a continuous FPRA member for eight years serving on the Quotes board, then Orlando’s board as VP of Roast & Toast and Treasurer. Currently I serve as VP of Interactive Media, which includes website updates, social media marketing and helping manage FPRA Orlando’s marketing strategy with my co-VP, Alayna Curry.

What was your favorite FPRA event?
Roast & Toast. I managed the last Roast & Toast event to raise scholarship funds in 2008, where we raised more than $33,000 for PR student scholarships. The Roast & Toast evenings were so much fun, full of laughs from our roasters and roastee, excitement at the silent auction tables and fantastic networking for the Orlando business community.

Tell us about an exciting achievement (personal or professional).
I’ve been very fortunate in my career, from working with some of Orlando’s most respected brands to now taking the leap to go out on my own and build a business. Earning my APR and being awarded FPRA’s Dr. Bob Davis Award are also on my list of favorite professional achievements. At the end of the day I’m extremely grateful to work with the amazing people that make up Orlando’s PR and business community. And lastly, my favorite campaign was the Orlando brand ambassador initiative I reignited while at the Metro Orlando EDC under the hashtag #WhyOrlando. 

Tell us something people may not know about you.
My personal interest in tech and love of Orlando have melded into a passion I’ve integrated into my professional world with my support and involvement in the local tech community. I am privileged to work with OrlandoiX, a five-day international digital festival coming to Orlando in 2015, and Canvs, Orlando’s newest co-working space whose mission is to help cultivate Orlando tech companies opening this Summer in the Church Street Exchange Building. Looking forward to Orlando’s bright future!

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