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Javon ScottLeap of Faith: Planning my First Event

By: Javon Scott
Quotes Director of Events

If someone invited you to go swimming with sharks, would you go? If you were offered a top corporate position in a field that was unfamiliar to you, would you accept the job? Whether it’s a fear of heights, a fear of the dark, or a fear of public speaking, we have all experienced some type of fear. Perhaps the biggest fear for many of us, myself included, is a fear of failure. If we never try, how will we know the outcome? So many people worry about what will happen if they fail, that they lose sight of what could happen if they succeed.

When you’re going into the unknown you always have a variety of mixed feelings. As I’m adding one thing to my resume, I’m also adding a sense of reality that everything you do in life won’t keep you in your comfort zone. As the Director of Events for Quotes, the PR Club at UCF, I’m responsible for planning the club’s biggest event of the year, Intern Pursuit.

Never in my life did I think that I would be planning a large scaled event that brings out about one hundred employers and even more students. Anxiety can take over sometimes and you get thoughts of doubt as if you can’t accomplish your dreams. Though I am stepping out on something I’ve never done, I trust myself and the other board members to not let this event fail. Sometimes you may feel unqualified and ask yourself “why’d they choose me?” or “why would someone put me in this position?” The best thing to do is take a leap of faith and just go with the flow. You’re in the position you’re in for a reason.

I believe that I have been put into this position not only to grow as a young professional, but to also help other students reach the next level. As a former Quotes member who attended Intern Pursuit last year, I have been able to experience hands on the joy of receiving the business card that gets you the interview.

Intern Pursuit 2015

Intern Pursuit will take place this October 20 in the Pegasus Ballroom at 6:00pm. Last year we had one of the most successful Intern Pursuit events in Quotes history, with over 100 registered employers to attend, and over 250 students searching for internships. It is my goal to not only surpass these numbers, but to also lead my team in a way that brings the credibility of Quotes and the FPRA Orlando Chapter to a higher, elite standard, reaching students and increasing our student membership. Wish me luck! I hope to make this prestigious and successful chapter of professionals proud.

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