Chapter Rewind | Backstage Pass at EA SPORTS

Touchdown! For FPRA Backstage Pass at EA SPORTS

By Bailey Morris

Last month, FPRA members got a behind-the-scenes look at Electronic Arts (EA) Tiburon, one of the many worldwide studios for EA SPORTS, located right here in Orlando. The team at EA Tiburon develops some of the most popular video games for fans of all ages, including Madden NFL and NBA Live.

Daryl Holt, vice president and head of operations for EA SPORTS, gave a stellar presentation about EA’s communications strategies and tactics in the business of gaming. Holt provided insight on Generation Z and their gaming habits, as well as EA’s goal to be a “player-first” company. We were also surprised to learn that the gaming industry is bigger than both the music and movie industries combined!

After a quick Q&A, we took VIP tours around the studio. Highlights included EA’s unique and collaborative meeting spaces, (including their cereal bar!) and their in-house sound booth, where professional sports broadcast announcers record content for EA SPORTS games.

One of my favorite stops was the motion capture facility, where EA brings in professional athletes to have their movements recorded for the game. When filming these sessions, they also use a cameraman instead of a camera on a tripod in order to emulate the camera movements and pans that viewers see when watching sporting events live on TV.

We’d like to extend a huge “thank you” to Daryl Holt and the team over at EA for helping make this awesome event possible.

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