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Taylar Freitag

Taylar Freitag, President, Quotes UCF

Reflection on the Past Year and Hopes for the Upcoming Semester

By Taylar Freitag, President, Quotes UCF

I am beyond proud of what our Quotes executive board has done this past year. As of December, membership has increased by 23 percent, and we are now the largest student chapter of FPRA, not to brag. Of course, we still have a ways to go. In an effort to get more students involved, we have planned more tours and fewer speaker meetings. While we love our speakers, we find it is more difficult for students to justify coming back to campus for an hour meeting, especially around testing time.

We are diversifying our tours. We want our students to have a wide array of experiences so they have a better understanding of what path they are interested in taking. This past year, we toured new places including Universal’s Volcano Bay, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Adventist Health.

Our attempt to reinvent the club has not come without pitfalls. For Intern Pursuit Fall 2017, we experimented with a “passport” students would fill out by asking for a signature from various types of companies (i.e. government, agency, nonprofit). The idea behind it was that it would encourage students to venture to the companies they would not have considered otherwise. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful; we only had a handful of passports completed and turned in.

In January, Quotes held its very first fundraiser at Tijuana Flats. Members and FPRA professionals came out to support the club, and we chatted and caught up over tacos before the semester got a hold of us all. Another first for Quotes came later that same week when we collaborated with Ad Club on a social at Lake Claire, which turned out to be a huge success despite the chilly weather.

This semester we are focusing on our ambassador program. Ambassadors play an enormous role in promoting the club and getting the word out. While we have always had ambassadors, it was unclear what exactly their role was. To encourage students to become involved in the program, we have created a Facebook group where we can privately interact and share our ideas for upcoming events. Ambassadors are now the first to know when events are confirmed and we give them priority sign up. Additionally, this semester, we have arranged a professional development experience at Curley & Pynn that is exclusive to our board and ambassadors.

I am excited for all we have accomplished in this past year and I hope this momentum never slows.

If you would like to show off your workspace to our student members, please contact me at quotespresident@gmail.com.

If you are a student and would like to get involved in our ambassador program, applications can be found here.

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