Chapter Rewind | Fall Therapy: Learning to Walk with Integrity When You are Destined to Fall Along the Way

By Gabriel Soltren

Falling down on the job can be a learning experience, according to Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC.

At the March breakfast held at The Coop in Winter Park, Communications Consultant & FPRA Vice President of Accreditation and Certification Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC, spoke about falling down and getting up and how it related to the public relations profession.

Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC

Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC

“Most people get hurt when they try to stop the fall,” she explained. Trying to stop the fall does not help. Hands and wrists can get hurt and getting up too fast can cause more injury. In her experience, Good Samaritans with good intentions can also make it worse. They need to know how to help.

She compared falling down to the public relations profession. PR professionals are often called to help persons that have fallen on the job. The fall could be a lapse of good judgment. It could be a report that looks too good to be true or an exaggeration. Everyone will eventually fall, so professionals should know how to fall and get up correctly.

A code of ethics can help make the right decisions. Broslat recommended having the FPRA code of ethics handy. It can be a lifeline during a crisis. She explained that the Enron scandal that led to its bankruptcy was not just the misappropriation of funds. The cover up and destruction of evidence made it worse. To sum it up, she gave everyone cards with the Florida Public Relations Association Code of Ethics. The code helps professionals make the right decisions without coming across as judgmental.

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