Quotes Corner

Did Quotes Help You Get Where You Are?

By Jonathan Gabriel, VP of Student Outreach, FPRA Orlando Area Chapter

Jonathan Gabriel

Jonathan Gabriel

If you went to UCF and studied public relations, you likely were a part of Quotes. You’d be proud to see what our students are doing with it now.

In the past two years, the club has doubled its membership and been recognized at the state level. It’s been really exciting to see the chapter’s growth.

I was at our Quotes kickoff event this past month, gazing around the room and marveling at the many new faces I was able to pick out in the crowd. The kickoff always brings a packed house. Some students were already Ad/PR majors, while others were still contemplating whether the program was right for them.

This is a moment in time that’s ripe with possibility for them. But often it’s hard for them to see clearly what lies ahead. You could be the voice that affirms that the path they’re on is a solid choice.

Our Quotes student executive board wants to hear from you. They’re putting together short videos, no more than a minute in length, in the weeks leading up to Intern Pursuit in October. These videos will feature local PR pros, like you, talking about how being a part of Quotes helped them get where they are today.

Perhaps you met your future employer on a tour. Maybe you served on the Quotes board, or got your first internship opportunity at Intern Pursuit.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to me at jonathan.gabriel@ucf.edu.

Oh, one more thing – Intern Pursuit is October 11 at UCF’s Pegasus Ballroom. This is a great opportunity to look for that next stellar intern who can help your organization. Click here to register now.

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