Member PRofile: Karen Kacir

Karen Kacir
Communications Specialist, Curley & Pynn Public Relations

Give a brief explanation of your job.
I help manage social media, editorial content development and media relations for a variety of clients, including the Florida High Tech Corridor Council and FAIRWINDS Credit Union.

How long have you been a member of FPRA and why did you join?
This is my first year as a full-fledged FPRA member. As a college student at UF, I had a student membership with the Gainesville Chapter. The warm welcome I received as a student member motivated me to explore what the Orlando Chapter had to offer. Since attending my first session as a guest back in March, I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of the chapter’s programming and the camaraderie among its members.

What has been your favorite FPRA event so far?
I truly enjoyed Ginger Broslat’s “Fall Therapy” session, which focused on how to appropriately address one’s mistakes in an ethically consistent manner. Her tips for keeping calm and maintaining one’s integrity during a crisis have served me well both personally and professionally.

Tell us about an exciting achievement (personal or professional).
In 2017, I fulfilled my dream of teaching English abroad. As a member of the Peace Corps, I lived in a rural town of about 3,000 people on the coast of Colombia.

What was your first job?
Cashier/photo lab supervisor at CVS/Pharmacy

Fun fact:
I was homeschooled from pre-K to 12th grade (and loved every minute of it).

Contact Information:

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