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Finding the Right Path

By Albert Aronov, Quotes UCF

Albert Aronov

When I moved to Orlando, I believed in one thing: there was only one path for me to take. During my time at UCF, I have found the opposite is true. While there are hundreds of paths, the only challenge is being able to find the right door. I am a radio and television major, meaning that I work closely on broadcasting, news, shows, and whatever is on air. But I wanted to venture further into advertising and public relations, because I knew there was a market for me in that field. I took the knowledge that I learned and found I can easily apply all of this toward a career in Advertising and Public Relations. I spoke with my Ad/PR major friends, and they were able to guide me toward potential internships and related professionals, to position myself in this unique industry. After these past few years, I’ve learned more than I thought was possible. I’ve been able to apply this knowledge to other works, and I’ve seen myself grow in ways I did not anticipate.

With all that said, my advice to fellow students is to relax. You don’t have to struggle with self-doubt. You shouldn’t take other people’s paths and fool yourself into believing that’s the only way to go. It is going to be hard when you get out there, but you need to know that if your path doesn’t work, there will always be another one. You may have to cut professional (and personal) ties and defend your ideas but know it’s only the start of something larger. You will have to go down many roads to find the one that you have been waiting for. Take charge of your future, and find the path you are looking for.

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