President’s Message

Megan Paquin, APR, CPRC

On more than one occasion this month, I’ve been reminded the role of “public relations executive” ranks among some of the world’s most stressful careers. That’s no surprise when the Carnegie Institute of Technology reports that 85% of an individual’s financial success (and, arguably organizational success) is dependent upon your communication skills. I’ll thank this month’s professional development speaker, leadership coach Daniel Pennington, for that statistic. But, more importantly, I want to thank all of YOU for creating a network of professionals who truly support each other in spite of the stressors we all face.

In a world that has become increasingly competitive, it is refreshing whenever I meet with FPRA members to hear about those who collaborate together on projects, help each other land their dream jobs and volunteer their time to advance the profession. At this time of the year, we have accredited members who mentor candidates for Accreditation in Public Relations. Members who have won Image Awards encourage novice entrants to consider submitting entries for their outstanding work. Committee volunteers meet with new members to introduce them to all of the benefits of FPRA membership. And, on and on it goes.

So, when things become stressful as we ease into the holiday season and all the wonderful end-of-the-year activities that come with it, I want to remind everyone to lean on your FPRA Orlando family. Let’s continue to model our own unique brand of collaborative professionalism. How can FPRA Orlando help you? Join our FPRA Orlando Community on Facebook to connect with each other in between events, and don’t forget to check out all of the professional development resources we offer statewide at

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