Quotes Corner

How Social Media Helps College Students Get Involved

By Genesis M.

Genesis M.

Genesis M.

Starting life at a new school can be overwhelming, but starting at the University of Central Florida (the largest university in the country) is even MORE frightening. There are a wide variety of clubs to join, classes to take and people to meet. The summer before fall 2019, I researched all the clubs on campus. In this search, I found Quotes, the PR Club at UCF. I immediately followed them on all social media platforms and tried to get involved virtually. I participated in Q&A sessions through Instagram stories, commented on postings and even sent direct messages with any questions that would come up. The community that Quotes created on social media gave me the confidence to go all-in once my first semester started. The attention to detail that they had was admirable. Every event would be promoted a few times to gain traction. What worked best for my peers and I was sharing the events on Facebook to see who was going to what. It would get us excited to attend!

As the director of communication for Quotes now, I see how much work it takes to put the time and effort into social platforms. We plan every post that goes out. There are constant questions from current and prospective members with no days off.  Having this attention to detail, I see our members more engaged. People like to take polls on Instagram stories and share events on Facebook. This makes them feel valued and heard (which they are!). When our followers feel this way, they are more likely to attend an event because they are familiarized and comfortable with Quotes’ culture. If it weren’t for the previous director and her dedication to her duties, I and many others would not have joined this club. I plan to keep this culture going as long as I serve on the board.

A lesson to be learned from this: Social media is our friend if we use it correctly. Engage in your followers and they will engage in you, your product, organization or business.

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