Quotes Corner

How Quotes Learned to Address and Implement Change When it’s Needed

By Annabella DelGrosso

Annabella DelGrosso

A few semesters back, after Quotes’ bi-annual internship fair, Intern Pursuit, we got some new feedback that struck a chord with us. While most of the feedback was positive, some employers expressed concern about a lack of students visiting their tables. Unlike other semesters, students seemed uninterested in some of the companies tabling at Intern Pursuit. Featured Internships were going to be the change we needed to showcase employers’ internship opportunities and office culture.

To address these issues, we looked inward to see what Quotes could do. First and foremost, we wanted to improve the quality of student’s knowledge about the companies attending and the internships those companies were offering. We had already been posting our employer checklist every semester before Intern Pursuit, but that just wasn’t enough to engage students. In addition to our employer checklist, we decided to implement a new program that would not only benefit employers, but the students as well.

In order to reach these students, we decided that our Instagram page would be a strong platform to showcase the program. With this in mind, we knew that we wanted to create posts dedicated to Featured Internships, specifically a couple of months before Intern Pursuit. Flash forward to three very successful semesters having used Featured Internships. Of course, we’re still adjusting the program to make it even more engaging and appealing, but most importantly, we have added value to Intern Pursuit while also increasing interest from employers.

Acknowledging the problem is first on the list of implementing change. In our case, that meant having open communication with our employers and students on how to improve. If Quotes never addressed the original concerns employers were communicating, we wouldn’t have the program we have today that is now an Intern Pursuit staple. It’s not too late to register your company as the next Featured Internship. To learn more about signing up, click here.

Please Note: On March 26, instead of gathering in the Pegasus Ballroom, a virtual Intern Pursuit will launch on the Quotes website. Quotes will take all the information you provide in this form about your internship opportunity, expectations and requirements and make it available to students.

Quotes is asking employers who would like to be included to please complete this brief registration by March 23. You will also have the opportunity to upload a PDF or JPEG flyer to be made available to students if you’d like. For more information, please contact Lindsay Hudock or Rachel Ilardi.

Did you know Quotes started a monthly newsletter? On the Record is a monthly e-newsletter distributed to all Quotes members. Each issue features an FPRA professional in the “Tips from PR Pros” section. Want to offer your two- to three-sentence advice? Email your name, title, company, headshot and advice to Amy Raleigh.

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