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Quotes, the PR Club at UCF charges on through COVID-19

By Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia

The recent halts and changes due to COVID-19’s spread has been difficult for everyone. But, when UCF announced that spring classes had been canceled, Quotes rallied together to do the best they could to keep the club’s activities and spirit going. Their efforts accumulated to the #QuotesChargesOn campaign.

This campaign started by shifting Intern Pursuit, the club’s biannual internship fair, online to adhere to the state’s policy of no public gatherings larger than 10 people. The event typically hosts over 60 employers and 200 students looking for internships. Within 24 hours of UCF’s announcement, Lindsay Hudock, Quotes’ faculty advisor, sprang into action, drafting messaging points to go out to students, faculty and employers regarding Intern Pursuit.  Monique Mendez, Quotes’ webmaster, and Aspen Arias, Quotes’ director of events who planned Intern Pursuit, worked together to move Intern Pursuit online. Arias collected more information on internship qualifications and instructions for students on how to follow up if they were interested in the position. The Quotes’ website consolidated all the employer information in one place for students to scroll through instead of networking in person. Within two hours of the web page going live, the employer list had 436 views with over 1,000 hits on the website.

After Intern Pursuit, Quotes worked with FPRA to create a series of webinars addressing students’ main concerns like registering for fall classes, job hunting in a post-COVID world and how to get the most out of a virtual internship. These webinars have been promoted through Quotes’ social media pages, free of charge for any student who is interested in joining the webinar. In addition, Quotes has put together a list of educational resources on its website for students to access in their free time. These resources include online certifications, like Google Analytics and LinkedIn Learning, to help keep students motivated. In addition, Genesis M., Quotes’ director of social media, launched an Instagram Story campaign to showcase a day-in-the-life of Quotes’ board members. Participants have answered questions about internships, talked about their positions in Quotes and their own personal experience at UCF.

As president of Quotes, I am disheartened that the club’s remaining events were canceled. This is a strange, and oftentimes stressful, time for everyone, but I am so proud of the executive board of Quotes. Our group has worked tirelessly to make useful content and provide professional development resources to students despite social distancing restrictions. Together, Quotes is charging on.

Quotes has launched a COVID-19 resources page available for all students! It includes detailed resources for finding internships and furthering your professional development. View the resources page here.

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