Chapter Rewind | Fall Therapy: Learning to Walk with Integrity When You are Destined to Fall Along the Way

April 6, 2018

By Gabriel Soltren

Falling down on the job can be a learning experience, according to Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC.

At the March breakfast held at The Coop in Winter Park, Communications Consultant & FPRA Vice President of Accreditation and Certification Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC, spoke about falling down and getting up and how it related to the public relations profession.

Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC

Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC

“Most people get hurt when they try to stop the fall,” she explained. Trying to stop the fall does not help. Hands and wrists can get hurt and getting up too fast can cause more injury. In her experience, Good Samaritans with good intentions can also make it worse. They need to know how to help.

She compared falling down to the public relations profession. PR professionals are often called to help persons that have fallen on the job. The fall could be a lapse of good judgment. It could be a report that looks too good to be true or an exaggeration. Everyone will eventually fall, so professionals should know how to fall and get up correctly.

A code of ethics can help make the right decisions. Broslat recommended having the FPRA code of ethics handy. It can be a lifeline during a crisis. She explained that the Enron scandal that led to its bankruptcy was not just the misappropriation of funds. The cover up and destruction of evidence made it worse. To sum it up, she gave everyone cards with the Florida Public Relations Association Code of Ethics. The code helps professionals make the right decisions without coming across as judgmental.

Quotes Corner

April 6, 2018

5 Reasons to Earn Your Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

By Keyonnia Small, Quotes UCF Ambassador

Keyonnia Small

Keyonnia Small

The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations is an entry-level credential designed to demonstrate a fundamental level of knowledge for graduates as they enter the public relations profession that helps those who earn it #StandOutInPR. UCF is one of only four universities in Florida to offer a preparation course. Although you can’t add any fancy initials after your name to indicate you earned this certificate, as someone who has recently passed the exam, I can personally attest to its value.

Here are five reasons to earn your Certificate in Principles of Public Relations:

1. Enhances your understanding of practical theories and their application. Before studying for the exam, I had no idea what the two-step flow of communication was. The theory says that media messages take place in two steps: from the media to opinion leaders, and from opinion leaders to the public. This explains why celebrities are asked to promote products on social media and why film critics are invited to see films before anyone else. It’s the credibility of the sender that persuades the receiver to respond to the message, not the message itself.

2. It’s great preparation for when you take the APR examination later. Earning the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations while you’re still in college or as a recent graduate can give you a boost on the path to earning the APR. Many of the foundation materials covered are complementary to what you will later study for the examination for Accreditation in Public Relations. The textbook is even the same, so you might want to rethink getting rid your copy of Cutlip & Center’s Effective Public Relations just yet.

3. Differentiates you from other recent graduates. Setting yourself apart from dozens or – in some cases – hundreds of other job candidates is a challenge. If an employer is deciding between two candidates with the same major and the same years of experience, having the certificate could be the leg up you need to secure the position you want.

4. Expands your professional network. The Orlando area chapters of FPRA and PRSA offer a free weekly APR workshop series that student members preparing for the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations are more than welcome to attend. This is not only a great opportunity to get extra help with specific sections of the exam, it’s also a great opportunity to network with PR professionals from various industries. You never know where one interaction might lead.

5. Boosts your resume. Show employers you mean business by adding the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations to your resume. Not only did you earn your degree in public relations, but you went the extra mile to become certified, which further demonstrates your commitment to the public relations profession.

Earning the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations has always been a goal of mine. The process has given me a greater understanding of the profession and the role of PR within the modern business environment. I bet it will do the same for you.

Member PRofile: Ali Beemer

April 6, 2018

Ali Beemer
Public Relations Representative, Universal Orlando Resort

Give a brief explanation of your job.
In my role, I’m responsible for creating and executing PR campaigns for new attraction launches and annual events. I also consistently pitch Universal Orlando news to various statewide, national and niche outlets.

How long have you been a member of FPRA and why did you join?
I’ve been an FPRA member for two years. I joined FPRA to better connect with and grow from local PR professionals and learn about their own personal/professional journeys.

What has been your favorite FPRA event so far?
I’m torn between two events as my favorite. The first would be the annual Media Mash-up because it provides incredibly valuable insight into the lives of many journalists we pitch on a day-to-day basis as a PR professional in the Orlando area. The second event would be Defending the National Championship with Andy Seeley from UCF Athletics because this was a campaign I actively followed and, since UCF is my alma mater, hearing their approach to PR felt like a come full circle moment (Go Knights)!

Tell us about an exciting achievement (personal or professional).
I was honored to be one of the PR campaign leads for the Grand Opening of Universal’s Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando’s third theme park.

What was your first job?
My first job was a Trade Marketing Coordinator with a focus on Meetings & Events initiatives at Universal Orlando Resort.

Fun fact:
I was a baton twirler for more than 13 years and a member of the Starlet Knights majorette line for the University of Central Florida Marching Knights marching band.

Contact Information:
Office: 407-224-6075
Twitter: @AliBUOR (Follow me!)