Member PRofile: Roy Reid, APR, CPRC

December 17, 2016
Roy Reid, APR, CPRC

Roy W. Reid, APR, CPRC Executive Director of Communications |Florida Division Adventist Health System | Public Affairs

Give a brief explanation of your job. 
My role is to provide strategic communication counsel and support to the leadership in our hospital system. Primarily I work with the Chief Strategy Officer and the Strategy Work Group to develop communication programs that support the strategic plan for AHS.

How long have you been a part of FPRA? Why did you join? #myFPRA
I have been a member for most of my career that goes back to the late 1980s. FPRA is a place that I find so much support and so many opportunities to grow and learn.

What’s your favorite FPRA event?
As of this year, I would have to say that the Leadership FPRA program is my new favorite. Just one session into the program and I have already gleaned more value than I expected. The opportunity to work with peers from across the state and dig into topics that are not usually part of the standard agenda is so helpful in growing into new roles and opportunities.

Tell us an exciting achievement.
I have to say that being recognized as the PR Professional of the Year by the Orlando Chapter of FPRA in 2015 is among the highest recognitions in my career. I am equally proud to share recognition with the people on the list of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Business Trust by the group Trust Across America/Trust Around the World over the past five years.

What was your first job?
I started my career as an Account Executive with Carlman Booker Public Relations (CBR) after an internship with AT&T.

Tell us something people may not know about you.
I have a passion for teaching and training in marital arts and I have fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Holiday Charity Event

December 17, 2016

The Hubbard House

Helping Hands for the Holidays

The Hubbard House is home to dozens of out-of-town families whose loved ones are in the hospital at Orlando Health. As a way to give back this holiday season, FPRA members will help make the house look nice for Christmas by decorating and cleaning.

Quotes Corner

December 17, 2016
Elyssa Wiener

Elyssa Wiener
President, Quotes UCF

Coming to a Close
By Elyssa Wiener, president, Quotes UCF

As my time in college comes to a close, I can’t help but be filled with many emotions. When I started college I aimed to pursue a degree in Psychology, which quickly changed when a close friend said I’d be perfect for Public Relations. She couldn’t have been more right. As soon as I took Lindsay Hudock’s Intro to PR class, I was hooked. How did I not know this career existed? It was exactly what I was looking for. After throwing everything I had into PR classes, internships, Quotes and as many FPRA experiences as I could get to, the end is bittersweet.

The end of my run with Quotes is hard to swallow, since making sure other students got the same experience as I did was a big goal for me. To no longer have a hand in that process is sad, but I hope to still inspire students to follow the Ad/PR track UCF offers and dive into professional experiences as much as they can. After completing five internships, I’m a huge advocate for experiencing and learning in your field. I aim to also push the student APR certification, because let’s be real, no one should pass up that opportunity.

As for my next chapter of life, all of my incredible experiences with the Ad/PR program, FPRA and Quotes have landed me my dream job with an agency I absolutely adore. As a matter of fact, the first time I met my boss was at an FPRA event. The power of networking is truly amazing. I hope to be very involved with both FPRA and UCF after graduation and to get my “big girl” APR in five years, but until then, GO KNIGHTS!