A Message from the President

January 9, 2018

Lindsay Hudock

Happy new year to my FPRA Orlando family. I feel, as I’m sure many of you do, like 2017 flew by in a blur. It seems like every year I resolve to try to slow down, savor the moments, be present. And at the end of each year I tell myself, “Well, maybe next year.” It’s a cycle that seems to really underscore the importance of this year’s theme of finding your balance.

I won’t claim to know how we find balance, but I do think it begins with being intentional about your goals and priorities. In that spirit, I’d like to share my resolutions for our chapter. In 2018. FPRA Orlando resolves to…

Help you grow

FPRA monthly programming is designed to foster growth. Whether it’s expanding your professional network, enhancing your skill set, or increasing your knowledge base, our monthly programming is all about growth. In 2018 we resolve to offer programing that speaks to all members, from student to seasoned professional.

This month we’re offering a backstage pass into the EA Sports Tiburon studio. Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make some of the world’s most popular video games, including the role of communication in the gaming business.

In February we’ll Charge On to a look at the UCF Knights and their road to a championship season. Plan to wear your black and gold as we look at the PR takeaways from a season that truly was perfection against all odds.

Celebrate your success

There is incredible work being done by the PR community in Central Florida and we resolve to celebrate it. I hope each of our members resolves to have their work recognized and awarded by the industry in 2018. In a few short weeks we’ll call for Image Awards submissions and on April 24, winners will be recognized at our annual Image Awards dinner. Not sure what to submit or how? Visit fpraimage.org for more information about the process and a list of the categories.

Support your professional advancement

More and more talented professionals are adding the APR or CPRC credential to their names each year. We know many members have been considering the process, looking for the right time to make the leap. FPRA Orlando resolves to make 2018 the year for you. This spring we’ll offer study sessions for the APR exam as well as a support network of professionals who have completed both the APR and CPRC process and want to help you do the same. Resolve to invest in your own professional advancement in 2018 and get those valuable letters behind your name. If you’re ready to explore the process or want to know more, contact VP of Accreditation Mandy Kimmer at amanda.kimmer@ocfl.net.

Whatever you resolve for 2018, I hope the year brings success, joy, and balance.

Member PRofile: Elizabeth Lytle

January 9, 2018


Elizabeth Lytle
Communications Specialist for Curley & Pynn

Give a brief explanation of your job. 

I offer our clients experience in media relations, social media, marketing and event planning; I assist in the implementation of public relations and marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients in the high tech, travel and tourism, hospitality, higher education and health care industries. Clients include accesso, the Florida High Tech Corridor, FAIRWINDS Credit Union, Universal Orlando Resort and The Glass Knife.

What was your favorite FPRA event?
I only recently joined FPRA, so I have only attended one event, but it was so great to meet and interact with other PR professionals in the Orlando area – from students to interns to agency founders and corporate leaders – and see how such a diverse group of individuals can come together to celebrate and work to advance our field. I’m looking forward to many more events to come!

Tell us about an exciting achievement.
In my senior year at Florida International University, I served as the Account Executive for my group in the capstone Integrated Communications Campaigns course. We created an integrated marketing and public relations campaign for the opening of a local Miami-based bakery and café, which was well-received and successfully implemented. It was, by far, one of the hardest projects I’ve ever worked on, but completing the project was incredibly rewarding. It’s fun to check in on the bakery from time to time and see our strategies and tactics still in use!

What was your first job?
My first job was working as a cashier at Chick-fil-A and the emphasis placed on customer service in that position has really stuck with me. For example, when a customer would say “thank you,” the response was always “my pleasure.” The thinking behind that response – that every action you take for a customer (or now, a coworker or client) is a true pleasure, as opposed to an obligation – is integral to my professional outlook and has served me well!

Contact Information:

Quotes Corner

January 9, 2018

Let Your New Year’s Resolution Be to Mentor the Next Generation

by Jonathan Gabriel

It’s been a little over a year-and-a-half since I took on the role of VP of Student Outreach for our FPRA Orlando Area Chapter, where I act as a liaison to Quotes, UCF’s PR student organization. In that time, I’ve promoted and attended their events, helped them find guest speakers and tour locations, and, generally serve as a fount of advice and resources. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I was a student not long ago – a volatile mixture of ambition, youthful naiveté and trepidation. That’s why I’m a big believer in the aphorism, “don’t pull the ladder up behind you.” Once you achieve some modicum of career success, it is imperative to help guide those coming up.

As an FPRA member, you can serve as a bridge between the working world and the next generation of PR stars. You may think you don’t have the time, or you’re not sure what you could contribute. Your industry knowledge and set of contacts are invaluable to someone just starting out. Here are some ways to contribute:

  • Consider stopping by the Tijuana Flats by UCF (11551 University Blvd.) on Monday, January 15 from 5-8 p.m. Twenty percent of your purchase will benefit Quotes as they plan for the year ahead.
  • Talk to one student at an FPRA event. If you can’t locate one, come find me or one of my fellow board members and we can connect you. It just takes five minutes: tell the student what you do. Ask where their professional interests lie and give them your business card. Networking can be daunting at first for many students. By granting a student a few moments of your time, you’ve increased their confidence and helped them start to build their network.
  • Ask me about opportunities to speak to Quotes members, either at one of their meetings or as part of a tour of your organization. Recent tours included the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Universal Orlando Resort and Adventist Health System and were well-received.

By taking some or all of these steps, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of our PR students. What’s more, by familiarizing yourself with the up-and-comers now, you have a better chance of scooping them up before your competition does.

To find out more about how you can become involved, contact me at jonathan.gabriel@ucf.edu.