Nonprofit PR Pros Learn to Boost Productivity

August 10, 2011

By Cynthia Lambert, APR

No one’s job is getting any easier.  With tightening budgets and staff reductions in recent years, PR pros are expected to do more with less.  But how can we get it all done?  At FPRA’s recent nonprofit roundtable program, attendees learned to boost productivity by better managing their time.

Laureen Martinez, chief public relations officer at the American Red Cross Mid-Florida Region, was the perfect person to share time management tips.  She serves as the main spokesperson for four American Red Cross chapters within Central Florida and covers a territory of 13 counties.  Additionally, she is also responsible for government and community outreach, media relations, website content, crisis management, and social media.

Here are just a few of Laureen’s secrets on how to make the most of your day:

  • Plan and Prioritize. If you don’t plan and prioritize, you’ll find yourself drifting and working in a scattered, disjointed way.  Don’t waste time on what’s not important and stay fully focused in the moment.  Write out your priority list for the next day before you go home.
  • Ban Procrastination.  Putting things off wastes not only your time, but also your energy and thoughts. When you procrastinate, much time is spent thinking and worrying about the things you need to do.  Do the last thing you want to do first.
  • Stop Interruptions.  Interruptions prevent you from being focused and pull you away from important things.  Get to know your phone’s “do not disturb” feature for when you really need to focus.
  • Teamwork.  Learn to delegate.  It’s a waste of time to think you need to do everything because no one ever does it as good as you. You’ll end up doing too much and having insufficient time to focus only on what you’re really good at.  Use your team of volunteers.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.
  • Meeting Agendas.  Meetings can be a real waste of time if there isn’t a specific reason, agenda and timeframe for holding them.  Make a concise agenda for every meeting to keep everyone focused on the task at hand.
  • Email, Internet and Phone.  It’s easy to spend quite a bit of time on these items without even realizing it. These are some of PR pros’ biggest time wasters.  Schedule a time to return calls and do research on the internet.  To save time on social media, try developing an editorial calendar so you don’t have to waste time coming up with a topic for your posts or tweets.

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