Member PRofile: Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC

October 9, 2014

By: Judy Froehlich











Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC, says that one of the best things to ever happen to him professionally was being told to get involved in FPRA leadership. Forty years ago, Pynn sat in the office of his first boss, the late Don McAllister, APR, explaining how he wasn’t getting much out of his FPRA membership. He had gone to some of the meetings and noticed many of the members were printers, sales people and people that just wanted to talk to the PR practitioners. Pynn remembers his boss looking over his glasses at him and saying, “Pynn, membership in FPRA isn’t an option. You are required to represent this firm (McAllister-Barker Associates) in the organization.  And if you don’t like the way the chapter looks, fix it.”

Forty years later, Roger Pynn is absolutely honored to be the most recent president-elect of the state association. Back then, Pynn joined with several of the friends he’d made in the chapter to take on the challenge of revamping the FPRA Orlando Area Chapter after being motivated by his boss to make a difference. After a few months, he was nominated to be president of the chapter. Joe Curley, APR, CPRC, was elected chapter secretary, promising he’d create a chapter newsletter and agreeing that the next year they would switch roles.

Pynn explained that he and Curley made a great team. They knew how to work well together and get things done. Ten years later, Curley was head of public relations at Martin Marietta, now Lockheed Martin, while Pynn was head of public relations at Westinghouse Power Generation. After five years of working in their positions, they were both faced with the decision of accepting a promotion and moving out of state. Instead of picking up and starting over in a new place, the two started their own company in Orlando.

Curley & Pynn (branded as The Strategic Firm®) is a leading public relations and marketing communications firm that provides public relations counsel and marketing communications management to corporate clients. Pynn says the firm has been a blessing. They have been able to work with companies in many sectors, including economic development, higher education, theme parks and many more amazing clients.  While Curley retired 8 years ago, Pynn says he isn’t going anywhere and is actively working with the firm’s next generation.

After 40 years of service with FPRA and growing his own successful firm, Pynn was approached to take on the role of president-elect of FPRA for next year. At first Pynn laughed, and then realized they were serious. While initially thinking they should go with someone younger, he decided how honored and excited he would be to represent the organization that has provided so much for his career and delivered so many friendships and opportunities.

“This organization provides opportunities for people to grow and mature.  I used to think FPRA was all about networking, and that is one of the great benefits of belonging to FPRA.  I also thought it was all about professional development.  It does give you great programming opportunities, classes and networking. But I am convinced that FPRA is really about leadership.  It gives you an opportunity to learn about becoming a leader.  How to lead people, how to lead projects, etc.  It positions members to be leaders in their community, not just in their profession,” said Pynn.

Asked his vision as president, Pynn explained for now his job is to be a really good first lieutenant for Rachel Smith, APR, CPRC, the existing state president of FPRA.  After that, we’ll have to wait and see.

Chapter Rewind: Image Awards 2014

April 29, 2014


By: Vianka McConville
VP of Image Awards

FPRA’s Image Awards is a night of celebration for all PR professionals – a night to pat each other on the back for a job well done in the previous year and enjoy a cocktail or two with friends and colleagues.

This year’s Image Awards did not disappoint as FPRA members and professionals in the field convened at the Mezz in downtown for good food and an entertaining program. The night’s emcee, Central Florida News 13’s Marla Weech, began the awards ceremony by making the crowd laugh and kept the program rolling. She also shared what we have all been waiting for … to get the news assignment editors to read a release, send it to!

Here are photo highlights of the evening:

We raised the bar during networking and cocktails as guests got into the Roaring 20s theme with props for fun photos.


Guests enjoyed a buffet of food for dinner and dessert.



This year’s PR Professional of the Year, the University of Central Florida Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, Grant Heston, gave a touching and funny speech in accepting the honor. He successfully wooed the crowd as a rock star worthy of his venerated rock group, U2.

13771309404_7d4d91c87f_z (1)

Marla Weech skipped an evening behind the news desk to host our awards ceremony and we truly appreciate that she did. 


Congratulations to the night’s big winners, Curley & Pynn and Florida Hospital Best in Care Team! Curley & Pynn received the Grand All Image Award and Grand Image Award in Division B. The Florida Hospital Best in Care Team won the Grand Image Award in Division C.   



Click here for the full list of winners or here for more photos of the evening.

We look forward to having you join us for the 2015 Image Awards. Until then, remember to submit your entries for the 2014 Golden Image Awards for statewide recognition. Entries are due May 16. Further information can be found here.

Orlando Members Shine at State Conference

August 13, 2013

Several members from our chapter were honored for leadership and excellent public relations programs at the state conference this month. Thank you for making your chapter proud!

State Board Executive Committee Installed


Three Orlando Area Chapter members were officially installed as members of the state board’s executive committee. Chris Gent, APR, CPRC will lead the state association this coming year as President. Amanda Forbes Mestdagh, APR will serve as VP of Technology and Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC will serve as Counselor’s Network Chair.

Awards for Service to FPRA

Congratulations to Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC, the winner of the Past President’s Award, which recognizes a senior member who has served the association time and time again. This special award recognizes a member who has achieved success in the field of public relations, but who has not forgotten FPRA.

Congratulations to Kerry Martin, APR for being honored as a member of the Rising Leader Class of 2013! Members of this class are up-and-coming FPRA members who have demonstrated emerging leadership traits along with dedicated active involvement in FPRA chapter activities and participation in programs, functions and events.

Congratulations to Cynthia Lambert, APR, the winner of the 2012-2013 Doris Fleischman Unsung Heroes Award! This award is intended to recognize an individual who consistently provides support and assistance to FPRA. It is meant to honor a member for his/her “behind the scenes” work and FPRA volunteer efforts that go unnoticed by chapter members and are not recognized by other awards programs.

Golden Image Awards

Congratulations to all the folks below who won big at Image Awards! View photos from the gala hereClick this link to view the complete list of winners by category.


UCF News & Information
Zenaida Kotala
Category A: Public Relations Programs; Division 9: Special Events
Golden Image Award & Judges’ Award
UCF’s Asteroid Encounter

Fry Hammond Barr
Allison Pope-Shutts
Christina Morton, APR
Category A: Public Relations Programs; Division 9: Special Events
Award of Distinction
Nemours Children’s Hospital Dedication Ceremony

MetroPlan Orlando
Cynthia Lambert, APR
Mary Ann Horne
Division B: Printed Tools of PR; Category 1: Annual Report
Grand All Golden Image Award, Golden Image Award, and Judges’ Award
What’s Next?: MetroPlan Orlando 2012 Annual Report

Curley & Pynn
Division B: Printed Tools of PR; Category 3: Magazine
Golden Image
Florida High Tech Corridor Council – florida.HIGH.TECH 2012

UCF News & Information
Zenaida Kotala
Division B: Printed Tools of PR; Category 6: News Release
Award of Distinction & Judges’ Award
Milky Way Cupcakes: A Savior for NASA’s Non-Manned Missions?

Florida Hospital Best in Care Team
Florida Hospital Experience Network
Division B: Printed Tools of PR; Category 6: News Release
Judges’ Award
100 Seizures a Day: Surgery Saves Boy’s Life

Curley & Pynn
Division C: Audio/Visual/Online Tools of PR; Category 4: Online Newsletter
Award of Distinction & Judges’ Award
Visit South Walton – South Walton “What’s New” eNewsletter

Florida Hospital Best in Care Team
Florida Hospital Experience Network
Division C: Audio/Visual/Online Tools of PR; Category 6: Video –Public Service/More than one minute
Judges’ Award
Epilepsy Explained: Finding the Right Treatment

Member PRofile: Vianka McConville

July 30, 2013


Title & company:
Communications Specialist, Curley & Pynn

Explanation of your job:
While working in an agency, no two days are alike. I get to speak about economic development for the Florida High Tech Corridor Council one hour and pitch Father’s Day activities in Daytona Beach the next. I manage social media, code eNewsletters, draft news releases, conduct research, write editorial-style articles, support grand openings, update websites and more for various clients.

Years in FPRA & why you joined:
I have been with FPRA for two years. I joined to meet people in the industry and learn from many great minds in one place.

Position on the FPRA board:
Vice President of Image Awards

Favorite FPRA event:
I really enjoyed the media round table this year. The journalists provided a lot of information and we certainly didn’t skimp on the food!

Exciting achievement (personal or professional):
I won’t call it luck, but I have had a number of pitches turn into stories recently. I feel that I have graduated from dreading the follow-up call to a reporter and now welcome it. It is always exciting to have a story placed for your client and I’m glad to see my media relations skills strengthen.

Fun fact:
I visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala, and climbed one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in the world.

Contact info:
I can be reached at or 407-423-8006.