Quotes Corner: Knights and Squires

June 2, 2015













Knights and Squires Program Begins with a Bang 

By: Jacqueline Kooser
Quotes President

While mingling with UCF Ad/PR alumni in New York City this past spring, FPRA board member Shaloni Prine approached students about a new mentoring program that would be piloting this spring. The Knights and Squires program brings together a handful of communications students with professionals in the field. For three months, pairs of mentors and students are required to meet three times, as well as communicate effectively about obstacles, achievements and ideas for their future. Mentors and students came together to meet for the first time on April 8 at a breakfast. Once pairs were revealed, participants were able to discuss their plans for the summer and get to know each other one-on-one.

As someone who recently changed her major, I was very eager to be paired with a mentor who I had heard great things about. Jamie Floer, APR, CPRC has been my mentor for the past two months. When I learned that she would be guiding me through this program, I was nothing short of ecstatic. When telling her my goals for the summer and my opportunities that needed decision making, she gave me professional feedback and advice. Seeing her in action at professional events such as the FPRA Image Awards and the latest FPRA breakfast has been a learning experience within itself, for she always greets me with networking advice and asks how things are going.

The Knights and Squires program isn’t just a way to make connections and expand your network, it’s a way for professionals to give back to the UCF community, and for students to further their knowledge of the field before graduation. I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with those I traveled to NYC with who are a part of the mentorship program, and it’s nice to know that we can all agree that this program has been an amazing opportunity. I am eager to see how the program grows through the semesters to come, and I can’t wait to hear from future students the benefits they find through what UCF Alumni has to offer them.

Special thanks to Shaloni Prine for introducing students to the Knights and Squires program. We are very thankful for all that you do for the community!

Quotes Corner: Home Away from Home

May 11, 2015













Home Away from Home: Quotes in the Capitol
By: Barbara Lopaciuk
Quotes Director of Recruitment 

It is 7:15 a.m. on a Monday morning and a group of seven Nicholson School students and myself are on our way to Tallahassee. We spent the four-hour commute listening to music and discussing our excitement. Our group arrives at noon and Quotes faculty advisor Lindsay Hudock greets us. We gather and revise our itinerary for the day. Finally, we have begun this amazing three-day adventure.

Our group begins the day by touring Zimmerman Agency, followed by a tour at BowStern. Each tour was comprised of insightful information, from overarching communication strategies to company rituals. This was my chance to gain knowledge about what these companies search for in a potential employee. More importantly, some tactics that are utilized, in order to set their companies apart from competing firms.

Tuesday is here. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this my entire life. Today is the day that my interest within Public Affairs will be validated. We begin our morning at Sachs Media Group. We are presented information from a few team members in regards to past and current campaigns, as well as further insight how Sachs Media Group plays a role during legislative session. After, we meet the City of Tallahassee communication team. Over lunch, each team member showcased a project they created. I am in awe. These projects have been especially prepared for us, the UCF group. We are lucky individuals!

After lunch, my excitement picks up a second wind. I am walking on a cobblestone road headed to the Capitol. I snap a quick “selfie” with the building in the background and here comes the butterflies. I clear security and wait for the elevator to arrive with my chin held high, and my shoulders back. We enter a conference room where the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce gives us a warm welcome. Legislators enter and leave as they can, giving our group the opportunity to ask prompting questions about bills that will be proposed to the floor. The Tuesday excursion doesn’t stop here. We are led to the Florida Senate. I am astonished. We enter the doors and my eyes begin to water. A feeling of relief overcomes me. This is where I belong; I know it. Senator Andy Gardiner enters the floor and I can’t believe I am witnessing such an interesting public figure speak with such a mellow yet powerful voice.

Wednesday has arrived and I am grateful, but it is bittersweet. I don’t want to leave Tallahassee. I want to begin my life here now. Just when I thought this voyage was over, a new opportunity has been presented. I can’t believe it; I am going to tour the Supreme Court. Me: a young college student.

When leaving Tallahassee, I am sitting in the front seat of the car, gazing out the window. I am smiling, ear-to-ear. Tallahassee is where I want to begin my career in Public Affairs. I know I have a long road ahead and there may be various halts in the path, but traffic clears. I will crush those obstacles and graduate from the University of Central Florida to begin my professional life surrounded by influential people, in a powerful city. Until 2016 Tallahassee, you were a sweet treat.

Quotes Corner

October 10, 2014

Lindsay Hudock







By: Lindsay Hudock
UCF Professor / FPRA Orlando VP of Student Outreach


The start of the fall semester at UCF is always hectic. Students struggle to get back into the academic groove, faculty mourn the end of the quiet summer months and traffic is a nightmare. This fall was different for me, because that’s when I stepped into the role of Quotes advisor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no less hectic and traffic hasn’t improved one bit, but I’m invigorated by the opportunity and an amazing, dedicated student board.

We began the academic year with a brainstorming session to ask ourselves what Quotes is really about. The answer: Helping students bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds. In our industry, students have to be more than well versed in what they learn in the classroom. They have to be poised, professional and able to network. These aren’t skills you develop in a class, they’re attributes you cultivate in the professional community. So our focus this year is simple; to create opportunities for Quotes members to engage and connect with the professional community.

Some tactics are all about making it more comfortable. Quotes is now organizing carpools to FPRA meetings. Students who are intimidated by arriving alone can meet on campus and ride with Quotes board members. This approach was tremendously successful in September when it resulted in 12 quotes members attending the monthly FPRA meeting, three times as many as the previous month.

Other tactics are about creating insight into the professional community. Two full days of agency tours are planned for students this semester. When asked in a survey what members would like to see on the agenda, the most consistently requested topic was “agency life.” Voce Communications and Edelman are already confirmed tour stops. The board is looking for others, so if you’d like to open your door to Quotes, please let me know. In addition to tours, the club plans to bring in speakers on other topics of interest such as media relations, personal branding and social media.

We’re also working to help students prepare the supporting materials needed for networking and the job hunt. Quotes is hosting a LinkedIn competition to encourage students to set up or clean up their LinkedIn profiles. A big thanks goes out to Macbeth photography who has agreed to come out to campus and offer free professional headshots to Quotes members so that their profile pictures are in line with their professional goals.

As one of the few Nicholson faculty to have been involved in Quotes as a student, I was excited for this role. What Quotes offered me back then was tremendously important to my professional development. The chance to support that same experience for current students is something I’m energized to be a part of.  And it’s something many of you have a chance to be a part of too. Quotes may be calling to see if you’ll share your insights or open your doors to the next generation of professionals. When they do, I hope you’ll say yes. It’s incredibly rewarding.


Quotes Corner

June 4, 2014


Where I Hope to See Quotes in the Coming Year
By: Thevenin Campton

Winston Churchill, a 20th century politician who refused to accept defeat during WWII, once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” For student organizations, this is especially true. As a senior, I’ve had the pleasure to experience several organizations within the UCF community. Through my time with them, I came to realize that while many of them strived, even more were struggling to grow and had hit a point of stagnation. More often than not, this was simply because they refused to adapt to what the University’s student body wanted. For student organizations that focus on a very specific topic, such as Quotes, it’s important to be able to adapt to not only those who have a direct interest in the particular topic, but also to those students who may have a side interest in it too. When the executive board of Quotes was elected, we met that week to plan for the success of 2014-2015 year. And through the innovation of several new ideas, we hope to increase the relevance of Quotes within the Orlando community, thereby increasing our bulk membership, member participation and satisfaction, and our organization’s overall participation within the professional community.

For the past six semesters, Quotes has had an average membership count of about 45. We hope to increase this number by at least 50 percent. To do this, we plan to tackle several objectives such as tastefully redesigning the design of the club’s website and implementing a two-click online application process for joining. We hope to place more pictures onto the website and improve the consistency of our blog. Outside of the website, we hope to broaden Quotes’ appeal within UCF by appealing not only to Nicholson School of Communication students, but also to College of Business students, such as those studying marketing and entrepreneurship. Lastly, to draw in students who have yet to be accepted into the Ad/PR program, I plan on implementing a program in conjunction with the UCF Ad Club to help students improve their chances of gaining acceptance. We’re striving to make Quotes more than just a “seminar club,” as one member said.

In the past, Quotes was a club that met bi-weekly. Each meeting hosted a public relations or communication professional that spoke to the club. While the organization will continue to invite professionals to speak, we plan on providing members with even more interactive opportunities. In the coming year, we will be encouraging our members to participate in social events and in many of the FPRA and PRSA seminars where we will be providing carpools to the events – so be on the lookout for us!

Quotes is changing to improve the quality in which it builds future professionals. It is the sincere hope of the entire executive board that the organization will serve as a conduit between aspiring students and professionals. We want to continue improving the relationship between the two communities and fostering connections that will help students better understand the practice and importance of public relations.


Quotes Corner: Latest Updates

March 11, 2014


By: Fernando Agudelo, Quotes President

Chicago Spring Break Trip

Last week, Quotes took 15 students on an unforgettable trip to Chicago — a city where art, culture and history combine to offer one of North America’s most unique and beautiful big-city attractions. Despite the cold weather, students got the opportunity to visit some of Chicago’s best PR agencies and network with top professionals. Students visited Ogilvy & Mather, Havas Worldwide, Orbitz Worldwide and Manning Selvage & Lee. They even got to meet UCF Ad/PR Alumni working in the city during a special brunch. It may not have all sunk in the minds of these students yet, but the business part of this trip has value to them. And they will all experience it in different ways, which is what makes these trips special.

Intern Pursuit

Many of you have already registered for our bi-annual Intern Pursuit. As a reminder, it will be held on Thursday, March 13 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the UCF Pegasus Ballroom. Intern Pursuit is an event for employers looking to recruit advertising, public relations and marketing interns for the 2014 summer and fall semesters. There’s still time to register, so if you’re interested, email our VP of Events, Kaylee Randall, at quotesvpevents@gmail.com. To view the list of participating employers, visit: http://quotesucf.com/internpursuit/.

Bob Davis C-Day

The staff and student leaders from the Nicholson School of Communication have expanded C-Day to COMM Week, a weeklong professional development series for communications students from March 17 to 22. The 2014 COMM Week event schedule includes presentations on technology, personal finance, professionalism as well as area-specific workshops.

Join us as we go back to the roots of COMM Week with a casual pizza party, provided by the Orlando Area chapter of FPRA, in honor of C-Day founder, Dr. Bob Davis. The event is from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is located at Lake Claire in UCF. It will give students and professionals an opportunity to network in an informal setting, hope to see you there! For more information about COMM Week, visit: http://communication.cos.ucf.edu/comm-day/.

Agency Tour

Last month, Quotes took 10 students to two agencies in Winter Park. Students got the opportunity to learn what it’s like to work at an agency while they heard from professionals describing their work, client relationships, management styles and more. We visited Linda Costa Communications Group and Sara Brady Public Relations. A student participant said, “I really enjoyed the variety of agencies we visited. It helped me to better understand what type of agency I could see myself with in the future. It was great getting one-on-one time with staff members too in the agencies.”

Past participants found the agency tour to be very valuable to their professional development. We’ll be having another agency tour on Wednesday, March 29. CCH Marketing & Public Relations has already agreed to host us but we are still looking for another agency to visit. If you’re interested in participating, email me at quotespresident@gmail.com. To check out a recap of the latest tour from the agency perspective, visit: http://www.costacg.com/blog/2014/02/team-ccg-hosts-ucfs-quotes-pr-club/.

Quotes Corner: Student Chapter Unveils Spring 2014 Goals

January 3, 2014


By: Fernando Agudelo, Quotes President


As the new year begins to unfold, the Quotes executive board is gearing up to develop new goals while reviewing our successes from the past semester. In the fall of 2013, Quotes experienced its best membership in its 32-year history. Membership base increased by 35 percent compared to the previous academic year. Today, we have more than $2,000 in revenue (a lot for a student organization) and serve more than 50 members.

While these numbers are one measure of our success, they are not what make Quotes truly successful, at least not by my definition. It’s the professional relationships between local practitioners and students that make a difference. We’re hoping to build on this and the successes of last year in order to keep growing as a unique community of students dedicated to the profession. I’m ecstatic about the possibilities the future holds for Quotes during the upcoming semester and will make sure we accomplish the following goals:

  • End-of-the-year trip. There is no better way to finish off the semester than by going on a trip to a different city. During the week after classes and before the summer semester starts, Quotes plans to take students to Chicago to tour PR agencies and network with local practitioners as well as Nicholson School of Communication alumni working there. This trip will also give students an idea of what life is like in another city.
  • Golden Image Awards. Historically, student participation has been relatively low, but in our mission to strengthen our relationship with our parent chapter, we’re pushing student participation in all FPRA-related events and activities, the Image Awards being one of them. After reviewing the application, we can’t imagine why a student wouldn’t submit a piece. Since submissions may include printed material or campaigns assigned for a course or completed outside the classroom, picking a piece to submit is simple. It’s up to us now to promote and drive participation.
  • Student certification. The Universal Accreditation Board recently announced that the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations is now ready for introduction. This certificate is designed to give graduating seniors majoring in public relations or in a similar field a head start toward earning their Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). The Certificate in Principles of Public Relations will provide a national benchmark designation in PR for entry-level professionals and serve as a differentiator for new professionals entering the work force. Quotes plans to organize a graduating class and study group, mentored by a Nicholson School of Communication staff member.
  • Surveys. At every FPRA event, there’s a satisfaction survey to be filled out by attendees. Our goal is to imitate this practice to continuously monitor our progress and improve member satisfaction with our programs and events by using survey results for future planning.
  • Agency tours. Last spring, for the very first time, Quotes offered its members the opportunity to visit several PR agencies in Downtown Orlando. Ten enthusiastic students and four supportive agencies made the agency tour a huge success. Quotes received such positive feedback from both students and agencies that we decided to make agency tours a tradition. From now on, members will have the opportunity to learn what it’s like to work at an agency while they hear from professionals describing their work, client relationships, management styles and more. This past semester we had 15 students and six agencies participate. “It served as a way to get to know the other members and learn about the opportunities that can be found locally,” said a participating member. Since both have been so successful, Quotes plans to not limit the agency tours to one per semester — we’re going to aim for three.

As you can see, achieving our goals will be quite a journey, but one that I look forward to. If you’d like to support our team along the way, email me directly at quotespresident@gmail.com to learn how you can help.

Click here to see a 15-second 2013 recap video that Quotes produced.

Quotes Presents: Intern Pursuit

October 3, 2013

Kaylee Randall

By: Kaylee Randall, Quotes VP of Events

Professors, mentors and the experts students follow on Twitter constantly preach the value of good writing skills, networking and experience in the field. UCF gives us the tools to sharpen our writing, Quotes connects us with a network of peers and professionals and Intern Pursuit sends us on our way to a résumé of experience.

Internships are required for graduation from the Ad/PR major at UCF, and with good reason — the PR field is evolving as we speak. It’s absolutely necessary to be immersed in the profession if students plan on getting a job after graduation. Internships provide that hands-on experience we can’t learn in a classroom. So, how do students get an internship that we know will prepare us for the career we want?

Sure, we can search the web. Every major PR organization has a fantastic online job bank that lists available internships. But most of the local companies offering those internships will have a representative at Intern Pursuit, or at least they should. As an employer, wouldn’t you be more inclined to offer an interview to someone you’ve already met in person versus the faceless résumé in your inbox?

At Intern Pursuit, the brightest and best communication students that UCF has to offer will all be in one place, eager to meet employers. Interns from UCF will add value to your growing company, and learning from you is an important part of our education. Today’s students are the communications experts of the future and giving us an internship lets you help shape that future.

Intern Pursuit will be held Thursday, October 24 in the UCF Student Union (Pegasus Ballroom) from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Will you be there? Register your organization at www.QuotesUCF.com.

Recharged and Ready to Take Charge

September 5, 2013

By: Fernando Agudelo
President | Quotes, the PR Club at UCF



Throughout the summer, the new Quotes board worked diligently to plan a top-notch program for its members. As a student chapter of FPRA, our focus this year will be on strengthening student relations with the valuable network of professionals in the Orlando area. Building connections with professionals like you, eases the pre-graduation anxiety as we learn more about your experiences and the path you took to get where you are today.

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Orlando Area Chapter leadership will help us kick-off the fall program with a meeting centered on FPRA and the many benefits students can take advantage of. Cynthia Lambert, Michael Lawrence and Laura Kern will be joining us to encourage our members to attend the monthly breakfasts and participate in Image Awards, just to name a few.

Quotes has also gone through a vigorous rebranding process as we worked to abide by FPRA’s branding policy while preserving our brand identity. Through this extensive process, we’ve changed our logo, created branding standards and restructured our Constitution, which hasn’t been updated since 1991. After implementing the recent changes, we’ve seen an increase of interest from students at UCF. If you’d like to take a look at our new image and the exciting events we’ve got planned for the rest of the semester, I invite you to check out our website (http://quotesucf.com/).

Price Increase for FPRA Events

July 31, 2013

For the past several years, FPRA Orlando has kept meetings and events as affordable as possible to allow PR practitioners and students to stay current on their skills despite tough economic times. We’ve held prices at the bare minimum, making our programs the best value in town for PR networking and professional development.

After discussing rising food and program costs at the July 11 chapter board meeting, our board decided to increase prices slightly for our regular monthly programs to help cover the needs of the chapter. To increase the benefit of membership, prices for members and students will only rise by $5 and non-member price will rise by $10. Starting in August, the new pricing structure for regular monthly programs will be: $20 for members, $30 for non-members and $15 for students.

Thank you for your continued support of FPRA. We appreciate you and look forward to providing programming that helps you do your job better. If you have any questions about the pricing change, please contact Cynthia Lambert, president-elect (clambert@metroplanorlando.com or 407-481-5672 x320).