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August 12, 2015













Social Media: How to Remain Professional but Still “Be You”

By: Toni-Ann Burke
Quotes Board Member

Social media is a complex and widespread phenomenon. In my generation, we have seen social media grow drastically from choosing who would be on your “top 8” on MySpace to sending 10-second videos on SnapChat. With social media on the rise, more and more of our personal information is becoming readily available to our family and friends, but we seem to forget that out potential employers also have access to these public entities. There are fool-proof ways to still express yourself on social media while maintaining professionalism.

  1. Social media is NOT your diary! – We are all guilty of “over-sharing” our personal information on the web without thinking twice, but maybe thinking twice is exactly what’s best! I completely understand that you want everyone to know that you went to TGI Fridays for happy hour to celebrate the end of finals but there are ways to display that tastefully. Instead of showing three empty margarita glasses (assuming you are over 21 and drinking is a legal activity), maybe take a picture of the food you had or take a selfie with your server. You can still have fun with your posts!
  1. Add variety. – Just because it is called “social” media doesn’t limit you to only posting about social endeavors. Remember, your page should be all about you! Go ahead and brag a little! Did you recently get accepted into the nursing program at UCF? Did you pass your dreadful final exam? Are you now on the executive board of an organization? Let people know! Doing so not only adds the professionalism to your whole online presence but it shows everyone that you actually are more than a selfie-taking millennial. Not to mention, employers will appreciate the effort.
  1. Be cautious as to what you are liking, sharing and commenting on. – Social networks like Facebook and Instagram both notify the public on your activity. Many times other people can view pictures you have liked without you even knowing. Although you may not be posting malicious or inappropriate content yourself, clicking “like” associates you with that post. So just be careful and remember people are always watching.

As a young professional, I have learned that the internet has a way of making the world seem a lot smaller than it actually is and social media is an excellent and convenient way of connecting with loved ones, publicly. As Director of Communication of Quotes, the PR Club at UCF for the fall semester, it is my goal to post relevant news and trending topics that can impact students’ online presence positively. I will encourage them to tweet, snap, and Instagram their hearts out, along with reminding them that first impressions are everything.

Member PRofile: Lindsay Hudock

July 13, 2015














What is your title and company name?

I’m an instructor in the advertising and public relations program in the Nicholson School of Communication at UCF. I am also a principal in Well Said Public Relations, a PR consulting company I formed with a partner back in 2007.

Give a brief explanation of your job.

At UCF I teach several public relations courses and oversee all the Ad/PR internships. I am currently working to add a course that will serve as a prep course for the UAB’s certificate in principles of public relations exam. This will allow our majors to leave school with a degree, up to two years of professional experience via internships AND a certification from the UAB.

I also serve as the faculty adviser for Quotes, the PR club at UCF as well as Zeta Phi Eta, the professional communication fraternity on campus. I love this part of my job because it lets me focus on what I think is the most important thing I can do for these students: help them develop a sense of professionalism.

Through my company, Well Said Public Relations, my partner and I assist clients with employee relations, public relations and marketing, team-building seminars and simulations, leadership development, strategic communication and event planning.

How long have you been a part of FPRA? Why did you join?

I first joined FPRA as a student at UCF. I’ve continued as a member because I like the sense of community and the opportunity to be connect with so many wonderful people in my industry. But what I appreciate most is the opportunity to continue to learn. I think I enjoy teaching so much because I truly, genuinely loved being a student. FPRA gives me the opportunity to slip back into that student role every now and then and learn from my peers and the mentors FPRA gives me access to. I’m constantly learning through FPRA and I can take those things back to the classroom as well as my clients.

What was your favorite FPRA event?

My favorite FPRA event is Annual conference. At heart, I’m a big nerd. The idea of taking notes and soaking up new information for three straight days is so exciting I’ll hardly be able to sleep come August.

What position will you hold on our board next year?

I am currently the VP of student outreach and hope to continue in that position for as long as I’m able to be helpful in connecting the chapter with students and vice versa.

Tell us about an exciting achievement (personal or professional).

When I was a student at UCF, Dr. Tom Morgan taught in the PR program. His intro to PR class is what made me fall in love with the field. I can remember sitting in his class and thinking that if I could be him when I grew up, I know I would be happy.  He has this legendary professional history and so much wisdom and experience. One of the proudest moment of my professional career was when he wrote the letter of recommendation suggesting that UCF hire me to replace him when he retired.

What was your first job?

My first job ever was making snow cones at a snow cone hut.

Tell us something people may not know about you.

I get to do some really cool things through Well Said PR. My favorite is SIMSOC, short for Simulated Society. It’s an interactive, group leadership and team building exercise where participants create a mock community, encountering real-world challenges and opportunities that occur when governing a society. It’s essentially a role-playing game where participants grapple with issues like diversity, trust, communication, leadership and strategic thinking as they work to build their own version of a community. My partner and I are some of only a handful of people in the nation who are trained to facilitate this exercise so we get to travel all over the country to work with corporate groups, community groups and even youth groups. The simulation is entirely open to the interpretation and creativity of each group who tackles it, which means no two days are alike for me. It’s thrilling and a lot of fun and I know when we’re done each group of participants will be a little better prepared to communicate effectively, think strategically and assume a leadership role in their jobs or communities.

Contact Info:

Cell: 407-823-2829


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July 9, 2015














A Student’s Perspective of PR – Media Relationships
Interview with UCF Alumna Emilee Jackson

By: Jacqueline Kooser
Quotes President

After attending Media Mashup last month, I got to thinking about all of the insight I gained by listening to each panel. As I took notes throughout the day, I wondered if journalism students were being educated on the potential relationships they will have with PR professionals. Are the textbooks dedicating a chapter to this important relationship? Most communications students are educated on the legalities that come with different fields working together, but what about the actual networking process and the ethics that come along with it?

I reached out to a UCF alumna, Emilee Jackson, who graduated from the university with a degree in journalism and two minors, one in entrepreneurship and another in digital media. Taking on internships teaches students the real world necessities to build and maintain these professional relationships, but what is going on in the classroom?

The first question I had for Emilee pertained to the biggest takeaway from her journalism courses. “As a journalism graduate, I learned that mutual respect will get you very far,” she explained, and then elaborated on her knowledge of PR – media relationships. “Building a professional relationship with those in the public relations industry will help you learn about stories or learn details that others who are further away from the source may not learn.” I had never considered this until listening to the different speakers from local publications here in Orlando. I also asked Emilee about her personal plans to maintain relationships with those who work in other fields of communication. She explained how she is going to aim to have strong, credible relationships with those working in public relations so that she can fulfill her duty as a journalist to get impactful community news out as soon as possible.

Being a writing and rhetoric major at UCF has its perks when entering the field of communications. We get the chance to take courses that are geared towards specific types of writing in the field. The journalism program prepares its students to work not only in that particular field, but to also succeed when it comes to teaming up with other fields. “Being required to write articles on tight deadlines for my classes gave me no choice but to figure out how to receive the information I needed in a timely manner, which I think is essential to successfully interacting with PR professionals” says Emilee.

Learning more about these necessary networks has really inspired me to never slack off on putting myself out there as a young professional. Presenting yourself properly will make a long lasting first impression that will continue to renew each time teamwork takes place.

Thanks to FPRA Orlando for putting on such an informative Media Mashup, and another thanks to Emilee Jackson for the insight on the student perspective.

Quotes Corner: Knights and Squires

June 2, 2015













Knights and Squires Program Begins with a Bang 

By: Jacqueline Kooser
Quotes President

While mingling with UCF Ad/PR alumni in New York City this past spring, FPRA board member Shaloni Prine approached students about a new mentoring program that would be piloting this spring. The Knights and Squires program brings together a handful of communications students with professionals in the field. For three months, pairs of mentors and students are required to meet three times, as well as communicate effectively about obstacles, achievements and ideas for their future. Mentors and students came together to meet for the first time on April 8 at a breakfast. Once pairs were revealed, participants were able to discuss their plans for the summer and get to know each other one-on-one.

As someone who recently changed her major, I was very eager to be paired with a mentor who I had heard great things about. Jamie Floer, APR, CPRC has been my mentor for the past two months. When I learned that she would be guiding me through this program, I was nothing short of ecstatic. When telling her my goals for the summer and my opportunities that needed decision making, she gave me professional feedback and advice. Seeing her in action at professional events such as the FPRA Image Awards and the latest FPRA breakfast has been a learning experience within itself, for she always greets me with networking advice and asks how things are going.

The Knights and Squires program isn’t just a way to make connections and expand your network, it’s a way for professionals to give back to the UCF community, and for students to further their knowledge of the field before graduation. I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with those I traveled to NYC with who are a part of the mentorship program, and it’s nice to know that we can all agree that this program has been an amazing opportunity. I am eager to see how the program grows through the semesters to come, and I can’t wait to hear from future students the benefits they find through what UCF Alumni has to offer them.

Special thanks to Shaloni Prine for introducing students to the Knights and Squires program. We are very thankful for all that you do for the community!

Quotes Corner: Spring Break in the Big Apple

April 8, 2015













Spring Break in the Big Apple
By: Jacqueline Kooser
Quotes Director of Communication

While most of my classmates packed their bikinis and sun screen, I was getting my gloves and heavy jackets ready to take on the city that never sleeps for my senior year spring break. Ad Club advisor Joan Mccain organizes a trip each year for Quotes and Ad Club members in order to experience big city agency life. After launching my blog this past fall and interviewing several bloggers based in NYC, I thought it would be awesome to experience the city as an adult for a few days and see what kind of feedback I would receive from professionals in the area about relocating to a big city after graduation.

The #KnightsInNewYork landed at LaGuardia a chilly Saturday afternoon and headed to the alumni mixer, where students were able to connect and mingle with UCF alumni that had successfully made the move to the big city. I found this to be the most beneficial part of the trip since interacting with people who took the same classes and interned in the same area as me is somewhat comforting when dealing with graduation tunnel vision. Sunday was spent exploring the city’s most popular areas such as Central Park, Little Italy, Brooklyn Bridge and more. Monday and Tuesday were spent touring some of the biggest and baddest advertising agencies in the city. We started off at BBDO and McCANN, getting the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of their overall visions, goals and wants for incoming employees. Meeting with HR reps and account executives was very interesting and insightful.

Tuesday morning we were up early and to tour Ogilvy & Mather, where we connected with UCF Ad/PR alum Brandon Maxwell. He gave us an incredible tour of the office space and coordinated four presentations, not only with an HR rep, but an employee from each department. We learned about what a day looks like for creative, a digital researcher, an account executive and a copywriter. After snapping our group photo we were off to McGarry Bowen. There we got an inside look at recent trending campaigns that the agency had put together and learned about the history of the agency and the value they have in strong employees.

On Wednesday morning I ended my trip by visiting the 9/11 Memorial Site. When riding the subway back to our hotel, I had a very happy thought enter my mind: “A year ago, I wouldn’t have ever traveled to a big city with people I didn’t know, and I definitely wouldn’t have done so in order to grow professionally.” As another academic year comes to an end, I find myself viewing opportunities such as the trip to NYC as a real gift. Being a part of the FPRA student chapter has helped me transform into the young lady I have wanted to be since I was in high school, and I can’t wait to apply all that I have learned in my future career and the next few months leading up to graduation. I hope to work towards opening many more great gifts before graduation in December 2015, and I am lucky to say that I have a wonderful network here in Central Florida that I am striving to make proud.

Chapter Rewind: February Breakfast

March 12, 2015

Javon Scott








FPRA Orlando’s February Breakfast: A Student’s Perspective
By: Javon Scott, UCF Student

Being new to the city of Orlando and to the University of Central Florida, I was beyond elated to attend my very first FPRA Orlando event. Getting the opportunity to network and meet professionals in the field I’ve dreamed of for years is something I’ll never forget! The morning of, I ran around my house in search of something to wear so I could make great connections and a great first impression. I was a nervous wreck seeing everyone walk in. I practiced saying, “Hello, my name is Javon” maybe five times. One would think I was preparing for a job interview.

The breakfast brought out Prismatic’s Stephanie Darden, who gave a wonderful presentation on her “baby,” ProjectDTO. The project takes on the challenge of redefining what Downtown Orlando actually is. Darden and her team conducted many surveys via social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to see what “Orlandians” really enjoy or dislike about Downtown. With some wanting more family orientated activities and some wanting more nightlife events, ProjectDTO covered all bases to make the changes that people want. For someone like myself who recently just moved here, I’ve seen nothing wrong with Downtown, but the response was huge. Homelessness was something that really stuck out to me, as Ms. Darden pointed out that many didn’t like how high the homeless population was in Downtown. This offers a great opportunity to help the homeless population together and change the community’s perception on the issue.

As Ms. Darden presented her project, I took a step back mentally to actually analyze where I was. For my first visit, I felt like a young professional being greeted with open arms of people who share the same passion as myself. I realized at this moment that all the practicing and rehearsal I did before entering the event was beneficial, but not necessary. I felt as if I was surrounded by a group of peers I’ve known for years! The professionals in attendance loved the fact that, as students, were eager to learn more outside of the classroom and ask questions about their everyday life in the workplace. Getting to take a selfie with the president-elect of FPRA Orlando, Laura Kern, APR, was probably my favorite part of the experience, especially because it got over one hundred likes on Instagram. I highly recommend that any student studying Public Relations at UCF attend an FPRA breakfast. It’ll be an eye opening experience and one step closer to your dream job!

Javon Scott 2

Member PRofile: Cristina Calvet-Harrold

March 9, 2015















What is your title and company name?
President, CCH marketing + public relations

Give a brief explanation of your job.
In addition to leading our business development efforts, I oversee media relations and strategic direction for the majority of our clients. Thankfully, I’ve surrounded myself with a great team who can take a great strategy and run with it to produce measurable results.

How long have you been a part of FPRA? Why did you join?
I joined FPRA 2 years ago. I enjoy the networking and fellowship provided through my membership.

What was your favorite FPRA event?
I really enjoy Media Mashup. I appreciate the opportunity it affords my team to learn more about the local media and how best to work with them.

Tell us about an exciting achievement (personal or professional).
I’m very proud of the awards I have won, including the Don Quijote Award, Orlando Business Journal Women Who Mean Business and UCF Notable Knights. However, I’d have to say that my greatest achievement is growing my business at least 25% each year since we opened in 2007 despite some challenging economic circumstances.

What was your first job?
In high school I was a Disney cast member. Believe it or not, I used to work in food service at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Tell us something people may not know about you.
I love to travel, and so far I have been to 34 different countries (and counting).

Contact Info:
407-228-1901 ext 3