Member PRofile: Rachel Calderon

January 19, 2017

Rachel Calderon
Marketing & Communications Manager
Central Florida Foundation

Give a brief explanation of your job. 
My role at the Foundation includes anything and everything that has to do with our marketing and communication goals and strategies. This includes telling the story of our grant-making, fund holders, and initiatives. The Foundation does so many things across Central Florida that are usually “behind the scenes.” I’m working to change that so more of the community has an idea of how we help improve the quality of life here. I am a one person team, but work with some amazing external teams that help support our PR and communication plans.

How long have you been a part of FPRA? Why did you join? #myFPRA
I have been a member of FPRA for one year. I joined to connect with other people in the field and learn as much as I can about PR and communications.

Tell us an exciting achievement.
Over the last couple of years at the Foundation I have worked to better connect all of our board members to our social media, communications, and PR efforts. This was something that didn’t exist before and it has proven to pay off. Outside of work I’m mom to Christian (3) and Claudia (1). They certainly keep me on my toes and help me to see the world in a whole new light.

What was your first job?
My first job ever was working at Old Navy in high school…I thought I was so cool! My first job out of college was right here with Central Florida Foundation working on our Nonprofit Search tool.

Tell us something people may not know about you.
I am originally from South Carolina and I met my husband in the airport in Nicaragua. (It’s a good story over a drink!)

Contact Information:

Chapter Rewind: Holiday Charity Event Helping Hands for the Holidays

January 19, 2017

charity-event-hubbard-houseAs a way to give back this holiday season, FPRA members helped make the Hubbard House look nice for Christmas by decorating and cleaning. The Hubbard House is home to dozens of out-of-town families whose loved ones are in the hospital at Orlando Health.

Thank you to all of our members who gave their time for such a great cause!


Click here to see more pictures from the event.

Quotes Corner

January 19, 2017
Jonathan Gabriel

Jonathan Gabriel
Vice President of Student Outreach

What Quotes Means to Me
By Jonathan Gabriel

It’s 2017, and with the beginning of a new year comes anticipation of times to come and reflections on times gone by. I’ve been fortunate to serve as FPRA’s VP of Student Outreach, and in that role I get to work with and mentor a very special group of students – Quotes, the PR club at UCF.

It’s immensely rewarding, this position. You greet the students warmly as they wander nervously into their first FPRA networking event. You listen as they tell you about their hopes and fears for the future. Advise them on what skills to build. See the gratitude light up their face when you help them tweak their resumes. Watch as they stride confidently into Pegasus Ballroom and take on Intern Pursuit. Celebrate with them when they land their dream internship. And then, after many twists and turns in the journey, look on with pride and a twinge of sadness as they graduate and make their way towards fulfilling their dreams.

It’s January now. A new board is starting. They’re young – eager to get started planning the meetings, the agency visits.

Spring. A new year. A new board, and the renewal of my commitment.

Let’s get to work.